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The Best Convertible High Chairs That Grow With Your Baby

Why buy a separate high chair and booster seat when you can get them both together?

Between car seats and cribs, swings and strollers, the parenting gear you need for a new baby adds up fast. So any time you can save cash by buying a product that does more than one thing, or at least grows with your child so you’re not replacing it in a year ⏤ all the better. Convertible high chairs are just such an item.

Toddler high chairs are usually designed for ages 6-months to 3-years-old, although some include a helpful newborn seat so you can use them on day one. They’re extremely versatile. Many morph into a tiny toddler chair that kids can sit in to watch Daniel Tiger when they’d rather not eat, while others convert into a table-and-chair set for playtime.

And while most convertible high chairs share a similar utilitarian aesthetic, there are a handful on the market that put design front and center. Not only are they highly rated, but they also look pretty damn cool in the house.

Best Convertible High Chairs

Your kid can use this convertible high chair from six months through adulthood. Seriously.

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With a handsome beech wood frame and sleek mod aesthetic, it’s easy to see why the Beyond Junior Y chair has a great rating on Amazon. It doesn’t hurt that it can also grow with your kid from infant to adult and takes less than 20 seconds to transform from high chair to extra seat on poker night ⏤ it holds up to 250 pounds. It has a dual restraint system (3- and 5-point harnesses) comes in one of four colors (olive, raspberry, blueberry, or black), and includes a dishwasher safe tray.

Instead of having to drag the convertible high chair to you, this one has three seating positions that make feeding and interacting with kids a cinch.

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Winner of this year’s JPMA Innovation Award in the “Feeding/Bathing/Changing” category, the Childhome Evolu One.80° is a handsome Belgian beech wood high chair with a seat that swivels 90° clockwise or 90° counterclockwise (and locks in one of three positions) for easier feeding. Cooler still, it morphs into both a pint-sized toddler chair and a reclining newborn seat.

This gorgeous convertible high chair has six height adjustments and three reclining positions that work for napping and feeding.

Aptly named the ‘Cocoon,’ this pod-like chair from Oribel has six height and three recline positions so a baby can gradually move from lying down to sitting upright (it’s good from 6 months to 3-years-old or 45 pounds). The 2-piece, dishwasher-safe tray can be swapped out with a smaller food and cup holder (it attaches to the back of the seat with magnets when not in use), the waterproof foam seat pad is seamless (so, no crumbs), and it folds in half for easy storage.

The king of all convertible high chairs is the classic Stokke, which has a highly adjustable seat and footplate for the right support at any age.

This perfect high chair fits babies from six months to three years; you just need to use a harness with younger kids. But once your kid is done with being in a high chair, this turns into a regular old dining chair that fits adults. And it’s hella comfortable, too.

Not only does the Nomi convertible high chair look totally dope, but it morphs into an actual good-looking piece of adult furniture.

This chair is strong enough to seat someone weighing 330 pounds. That’s because it goes from a great high chair ideal for kids ages six to 24 months, to a regular chair that grows with your kid as he or she hits high school. It’s based on the concept of acting sitting, which means that kids need a stable platform or base for their feet, instead of having them hanging down and flailing around. Guess who designed it? Peter Opsvik, the same guy who brought us the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Ok, so this might not be a design marvel. But this convertible high chair is affordable, cute, and has four modes depending on the size and age of your baby.

This four in one high chair transforms into a space saver, chair booster and toddler chair. Plus it has a dishwasher safe multifunction meal mat and easy release removable food tray.

This convertible high chair turns into an actual kids' chair, perfect for the playroom.

Once your kid no longer needs to use a high chair, the Poppy turns into a low chair for pre-schoolers and a kids’ chair for children four and up. Less waste, and we’re here for it.

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