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The Best Baby High Chairs For Hassle-Free Family Meals

It's your kid's dinnertime throne.

A high chair is the throne for every baby. The best hair chairs are where children learn the foundations of basic table manners, and get a taste of food that isn’t discolored mush. It’s the place where meals are consumed, thrown, and worn. Sure, it’s a mess for parents, but it’s also the setting to hilarious moments, like feeding your baby a lemon, or when they discover bacon for the first time, or that little delicacy called birthday cake.

But before you buy one, keep a few things top of mind. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, falls are the biggest dangers associated with high chairs. So when shopping for one, choose one with a wide base that won’t easily tip over. If you get a high chair that folds, ensure that the locking device is always secure when you unfold the chair.

Always, and we do mean always, strap your kid into his or her high chair. And position it so it’s away from the kitchen counter, so kiddo doesn’t push at it and tip him- or herself over. If you use a high chair that hooks onto a table, make sure the chair locks securely onto the table and can support the weight of the child.

You should also note that most high chairs are only meant to be used until your child weighs about 50 pounds (or is three years old). In terms of design, it helps to have one with a washable tray, and adjustable chair heights so you can use it longer.

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Unfortunately high chairs serve essentially one purpose: house your baby safely during meal time for just a few years. That’s why picking one can feel tedious. So we searched for the high chairs that are best for parents. The ones that can fold up, easily get set up, and are equipped with machine washable fabric, dishwasher safe tops, and most importantly, can grow with your baby. Here are our picks. 

This high chair has it all: Five reclining seat positions; nine different height positions, plus of course a footrest that's adjustable.

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Pros: This high chair has locking caster wheels, and it’s easy to wipe down the seat. It it folds quickly and compactly, and when you’re baby is pooped, you can simply adjust the seat so he or she is in full lounging recline mode.

Cons: The tray comes loose quickly, and the straps are very hard to clean.

This high chair seat isn't fancy, but it's solid, and it gets the job done.

Cons: There’s literally nothing bad to say about this table seat. It fits tables up to 3.5 inches thick. It’s easy to secure and it’s fully collapsible with its carry bag. It’s ideal for babies six months to 36 months. 

Cons: Well, it’s not exactly a marvel of design.

Not only does the Oribel high chair look like proper, actual furniture, it wipes down easily, has six height adjustments and three reclining positions.

Pros: The seat is waterproof and easy to clean. The tray attaches with magnets and has a dishwasher-safe top insert. The chair holds children weighing up to 45 pounds, and has six height adjustments. The food and cup folder attaches to either seat side, for flexibility.

Cons: It’s big, bulky, and on the cumbersome side.

We're adults, and we'd totally sit in this Nomi high chair. It has three stages: Bouncer, high chair, and actual chair and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Pros: Yes, it’s expensive, but this Nomi high chair will be with you until your kid goes to college. Its unfussy, sleek design means food won’t be stuck in crevices to rot. It’s easy to clean. It’s ergonomic. It has the recommended wide base for safety and stability. And it grows with your kid.

Cons: The price.

This chair ain't cheap, but it grows with your kid, from birth onward. Made of solid European beech wood that can support a 300 pound adult, this high chair has a height-adjustable seat and footplates.

Pros: This chair can take a beating (make that many beatings) and look good as new. It grows with your kid. It’s ergonomic. It’s sturdy as hell. It’s not ugly. And it’s a great investment for your kid’s entire childhood.

Cons: Your baby needs a harness for it, and it’s sold separately.

High chairs serve a purpose, but ultimately it’s a purpose for just a few years. The Abiie wooden chair offers you a chair not just for your baby, but a chair you could use in your home for good.

Pros: Not only is it a chair for your child, but it can also be adjusted to become a seat for you. Plus, there’s a foot rest for your child, and the whole thing is pretty simple to clean. You can use it from the time your child is six months old, until whenever they grow out of it. 

Cons: At just under $200, it’s an expensive high chair, but you’re getting this to serve as a seat for your baby and inevitably anyone in your home.

This high chair folds up easily, which is a huge bonus for those of us with no space. But all that aside, it features a large swing-open tray that operates with a one-hand motion and has four depth adjustments that allow you to get the tray positioned to keep food on it.

Pros: We love the wide base of this chair. Plus, it folds compactly like a beach chair and stores easily, meaning you can travel with it. Your child should be a minimum six months old before using it and the maximum child weight is 50 pounds.

Cons: The tray detaches and you can clean it, sure. The rest of the high chair? Not so much. So not a great fit for truly messy eaters.

If Don Draper had a high chair line, this would be his signature item. Instead of sticking out, the Boon high chair fits easily under tables thanks to its pedestal base and glides smoothly anywhere you need.

Pros: The retro design is on point. It has no cracks or crevices, so there’s no room for crumbs and crud to hide. The tray goes right into your dishwasher. And you can adjust it to the exact height you need to fit under your table. The maximum weight limit is 50 pounds, or four years of age.

Cons: The bucket seat is too shallow for some.

You get a basic high chair that has a sturdy steel frame, is easy to clean and has a tray insert that is dishwasher-safe, for cleaner mealtimes.

Pros: The high chair has a three position seat recline, six position height adjustment, a three-point safety harness, and a seat pad that’s easy to wipe. Plus, it folds up. Suitable for kids up to 40 pounds.

Cons: The design can be a bit … much. For some. And it won’t last you nearly as long as other chairs on this list.

This high chair has a magnetic tray top that you can place one-handed, which is so genius, we wonder why no one thought of it before.

Pros: The makers of our go-to swing have, of course, created a go-to high chair. It’s easy to clean, with no weird corners where food can rot. The tray magnetically attaches, so you can put it on one-handed. It’s suitable for kids up to 60 pounds.

Cons: The magnetic tray is a bit of hype over substance. Kids can knock bowls and plates right off, if they try hard enough.

You don't want an eyesore in your kitchen or dining room? Then meet the Micuna Ovo, a true work of art, that also doubles as a kiddie feeder.

Pros: The Micuna Ovo high chair has a gorgeous wide base, four solid beechwood legs, a rounded seat, and a removable and washable tray. It has a five-point leatherette safety harness which will keep your baby safe, as well as a selection of 6 different color pads to customize your chair. The high chair converts into a toddler chair.

Cons: The price.

An affordable, user-friendly high chair that can take your kid from six months until they clock in at 60 pounds.

Pros: This high chair starts out fitting your baby. Once he or she is old enough, you swap out the high chair seat for a booster seat. And once your kid grows out of that, you wind up with a stool with a pop-up backrest. That’s what we call versatility.

Cons: The chair is challenging to clean due to its cover, which you can only wipe down.

This hair chair has a six-position height, giving parents the ability to use at any table, counter, bar and island to feed their child.

Pros: This elegant, space age-looking high chair has a three-point safety harness and can be used for babies and toddlers up to 60 pounds. The tray is removable, of course, and the cushion is machine-washable.

Cons: It does not fold, so you’d better have ample space for it.

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