The Best Basic Cell Phones for Kids

We found the best basic and screen-free phones for kids, so they can connect with mom and dad, without all the distractions.

by Donna Freydkin
Originally Published: 
KidBuzz G2 basic cell phone for kids on a green background

As they get older, kids need and crave more freedom, but that doesn’t mean parents don’t want to keep tabs on their whereabouts. That’s where basic phones for kids, including screen-free devices, come into play. Kids’ cell phones serve one purpose: to connect parents and kids quickly. Some might boast impressive displays and others less so, but all allow mom and dad to contact the kids when needed, and vice versa. In essence, the best phones for kids are a prepaid (and guaranteed) emergency line to your child and little else, which is pretty much all you need.

The current crop of basic cell phones for kids are tailor-made for concerned parents. Many have geo-tracking and -fencing. Most have limitations on who your children can contact through approved lists by you. Some have panic buttons; few include browsers, social media, or other distractions. We can’t guarantee you kids will want to talk with you, but we’ll be they won’t have many other options.

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