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This Is the Way to Perfect Baby Yoda Pajamas

Don't mess with The Child.

The animatronic Baby Yoda is still months away blinking and doing all manner of cute things while you tend to him at home. And the new season of Disney’s hit The Mandalorian doesn’t premiere until the fall. But here’s some good news to tide you over during this Star Wars drought: You, Baby Yoda fans, can now dress your children in his likeness, thanks to a capsule collection from Hanna Andersson.

Given that it’s known mainly for its decadently thick organic cotton pajamas, it makes sense that the upscale brand has stuck to what it knows best: Sleepwear. The Baby Yoda collection is made up of two printed long john pajama sets, each on sale for under $25. They went on sale at midnight on March 12.

The perfect sleepwear for the discerning Star Wars fan.

The gender-neutral sets each feature The Child’s wide eyes and notable ears. One has his face on the shirt, while the other is emblazoned with more Baby Yodas. No, these tops and bottoms are not cheap. But Hanna Andersson, founded in 1983 in Portland by a Swedish woman (and no stranger to Star Wars jammies) makes stuff that never falls apart.

Children's PJs featuring the titular Child.

This colorful short pajama set looks great on the whole family.

Bone broth sold separately.

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