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This Map Sorted Each State Into a Hogwarts House And It's So Accurate

One house dominates in the US, and that checks out, too.

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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in 'Harry Potter,' and a map of the United States.
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There are some questions we universally ask anyone we've just met to get to know them quickly. There's "what’s your name?” and “what do you do for work?” but we also ask, “which Hogwarts house do you belong to?” Of course, we cannot head to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and put on the sorting hat to know for sure which house we belong to. But there are some clues, and a new map shows what happens when we let the data sort us into a house based on the state that we live in.

In the Wizarding World, there are several reasons why someone might be added to one house over another. But it’s primarily understood that personality traits are a significant factor in the sorting. And with the four houses, each house has certain qualities.

For example, someone in the Gryffindor house likely would be described as having courage, determination, and showing bravery; Slytherin may be characterized as being destined for greatness, shrewd, and ambitious. On the other hand, someone in the Ravenclaw house would have lots of wisdom, be an analyzer, and be an overachiever. At the same time, Hufflepuff would be described as loyal, trustworthy, and humble. (And goofy?)

USDish, an authorized reseller of DISH Network, decided to step in for the sorting hat and see which house each state would likely belong to. “Whether you’re a Gryffindor gal, a Slytherin stan, a Hufflepuff homie, or a radical Ravenclaw, you are sure of one thing—your house is better than the others,” USDish admits.

“And although the Sorting Hat is the one that ultimately chooses your house, we decided to do a little sorting ourselves.”

To do this, they used Google Trends to see which of the four houses was searched for the most in each state over the past five years. In addition, USDish also polled 1,000 people who had been sorted into a house through the Wizarding World quiz.

“We analyzed their sentiment towards their preferred house and which Hogwarts House they believed their state should belong in,” they explained.


US States As Hogwarts Houses

  • 27 states were sorted into Slytherin house, including Texas, California, Montana, Minnesota, and Maine.
  • 16 states were sorted into Ravenclaw house, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • No one thought their state belonged in Hufflepuff, but five states, including Idaho, Wyoming, and Kansas, were sorted into this house.
  • Only three states were sorted into Gryffindor: Utah, Michigan, and Connecticut.

“Americans overall agreed with the Hogwarts House Google Trends sorted their state into,” USDish reported. “Even Hufflepuff — all five states (Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Vermont, and Wyoming) — concurred that their people belonged in arguably the least popular house in Harry Potter lore.”

Over half of the US is in Slytherin

Just to be clear, well over half of the 50 states were sorted into Slytherin, and yes, we know that Harry Potter’s son, Albus, was sorted into Slytherin in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but come on! We all know that most of Slytherin are coded as selfish and evil. WTF!

To see the complete data, including which states were happy with the house they were sorted into and which states were not, visit USDish.

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