Aveggies, unite!

Forget Avengers 5: Samuel L. Jackson Crashes Sesame Street, Introduces "The A-Veggies"

Earth’s mightiest... vegetables.

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Samuel L. Jackson on Sesame Street

People and Muppets who live on 123 Sesame Street are used to having fun guests pop by, and the latest is no exception. The one and only Samuel L. Jackson visited the famous street to introduce everyone to a new group of Earth’s mightiest heroes, the A-Veggies.

The legendary actor appeared on Sesame Street to talk about the word of the day: belonging.

“Belonging is feeling like you’re an important member of a group, like your family,” Samuel said to Abby after introducing themselves.

“Oh, like how I belong in my family!” Abby replied. “Because I’m a daughter, and I’m a stepsister.” She added, “Mr. Sam, we should all feel welcome and know there’s a place for us.”

After talking about different groups we can belong to from our neighborhood and classrooms, Marvel shared that he belongs to a “special group.

Then, Samuel leaves the screen, and when he returns, he’s dressed differently. He came back wearing an eye patch, like his character Nick Fury. Except his eye patch wasn’t the cool black one he wears in the Avengers movies, it was a sliced bell pepper eye patch.

“Aveggies: Assemble!” he commands before the screen is filled with more Muppets wearing vegetable-themed Avengers-like outfits. There’s Onion Man, dressed similarly to Captain America, another character embodying Thor in a cauliflower outfit wielding a corn hammer.

Then, Samuel said they were looking for another group member to belong to their Aveggies group and asked Abby if she would like to join. Of course, she did, and when she popped out of the frame and back in, she was dressed up like the Hulk in broccoli form called The Incredibroccoli.

The clip is the perfect mix of fun and cheese, plus for anyone looking forward to an Avengers 5 movie, this is probably the closest we’re going to get to it.

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