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This Dad's DIY Dune Costume For His Son Is Mind-Blowingly Accurate

You won’t find a stillsuit this good. Even on Arrakis!

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A DIY Dune costume

If you want to survive the harsh deserts of the planet Dune, you have to walk without rhythm, otherwise, a sandworm will gobble you up. But, for one dad, marching to the beat of his own drum also resulted in what is literally a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume for his young son. Over on Reddit, an industrious father posted images of a hand-made Paul Atreides Dune costume and it will take your breath away.

A day after Halloween, on November 1, 2022, Reddit user jd_shaloop posted a few images of his son decked out in a homemade Paul Atreides costume. Clearly, this dad modeled his son’s stillsuit on the design from the 2021 film Dune: Part I. And, let’s just say it: He freaking nailed it.

Image used with permission, courtesy Reddit user jd_shaloop.


Because this Dune dad is basically the father of Muad'dib, it makes sense he’d want to preserve his kid’s privacy. Luckily, this Fremen stillsuit costume brilliantly does just that. It’s also a near-perfect match for the costumes we saw in the 2021 film, a fact with many enthusiastic Reddit users commented upon.

In the Dune universe, we know that the best stillsuits are the ones made by the Fremen themselves, not by anyone else in the Imperium. And, now, this dad has proven that’s true in our universe, too. Here’s hoping Timothée Chalamet and Denis Villeneuve are taking notes for Dune: Part II, and beyond.

Dune: Part II hits theaters next year on November 3, 2023. Dune Part I is streaming on HBO Max.

Check out jd_shaloop’s original Reddit post here.

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