Daddy Pig

Exclusive: Peppa Pig Celebrates the “Bestest Daddy in the World”

Peppa Pig has dropped a new song as an ode to her dad, Daddy Pig, and we have an exclusive first listen.

Daddy Pig having an outdoor tea party with Peppa Pig and George Pig
The Home of Peppa Pig / YouTube

Father’s Day is right around the corner and our one of our favorite characters is already ready to celebrate the dad in their life. Peppa Pig loves her dad, Daddy Pig, with all her heart —even if she is short with him and doesn’t understand all his silly jokes. And she’s come through to help celebrate Father’s Day with a new song, and we have an exclusive first listen.

Just in time for the big day honoring dads, Peppa Pig has released a new single from her third musical album, “Peppa’s Club: The Album.” The song is an ode to her dad, the clumsy father who has the same sense imagination and fun as his children do, plus he’s an expert puddle jumper.

The new song is called “Bestest Daddy in the World” and it’s a sweet love letter to fathers and father figures in the world. Of course, the song is delivered with Peppa’s typical cheeky, cheerful personality front and center.

“Every day when I wait to play Daddy Pig is there for me. Sharing breakfast fun and when that is done we get up and clean our teeth,” Peppa sings in the first verse. “He helps us dress, clean up our mess before it's time for school and off we go.”

The song is set to video that highlights all the fun things Daddy Pig does with Peppa and her younger brother George. “We love to play with Daddy, he’s a superhero runner, we ride our bikes or do ballet, and sometimes he’s a drummer,” Peppa sings.

The new song is set to release in November when the full album will be ready. Before then, two more singles are scheduled to be released in July, another in September, and one in October just ahead of the full release. But since that’s a long wait, there’s Peppa’s 6-track EP coming, too, which will be released on July 15.