Why Peppa Pig Just Dominated Kanye West

The beloved cartoon swine's new album is getting better reviews than West's recent release.

GETTY / E1 Entertainment

After more than a year of delays, Kanye West finally dropped his highly-anticipated album Donda at the end of August. But the infamous hip hop star proved to be no match for one of the fastest-rising stars in the music game: Peppa Pig.

IsItBetterThanPeppaPig, a Twitter account dedicated to letting the world know if something is or is not better than the beloved kid’s show, posted photos comparing Pitchfork’s reviews of Donda and Peppa’s Adventures: The Album which showed that Peppa’s album received a higher score (6.5) than Kanye (6.0). Despite only having a few hundred followers, the tweet from IsItBetterThanPeppaPig went viral, getting several thousand likes and nearly a thousand retweets.

The notoriously tough music publication once gave West the highly-coveted 10.0 perfect rating for his masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but 11 years later, Pitchfork handed him the lowest score of his career. Dylan Green wrote that the nearly two-hour-long album “still sounds incomplete” and the tracks “lack connective tissue” which makes Donda seem more like “a data dump of songs searching for a higher calling.”

The review from Pitchfork is consistent with the general critical consensus of Donda so far, with the album receiving mostly mixed reviews, with a few outright positive and negative reviews popping up as well.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork had slightly better things to say about Peppa’s Adventures: The Album, with Peyton Thomas calling Peppa Pig’s sophomore album “a charming and self-assured celebration of family, friendship, and muddy puddles.”

“The lullaby’s verses, written in iambic tetrameter, demonstrate a gift for poetic construction well beyond her years,” Thomas wrote of Peppa’s track “North Star Lullaby.”

Does this mean that West has officially been dethroned by Peppa Pig? Perhaps not but it’s hard not to feel like we are watching two stars passing in the night. As a once bright star slowly begins to fade, another new star begins to shine brighter in the sky.