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Three Hardcore R-Rated Marvel Movies Are Coming to Disney+

Disney is reminding parents to check parental controls.

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Deadpool with his hands on his cheeks, a still from the movie
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Get ready, parents. Disney+ has announced that its super R-rated superhero movies are heading to the streaming platform. As the company continues to move away from sticking to only family-friendly content on its service, the time has come, and it seems Disney is now ready to put the very-not-appropriate-for-kids movies on Disney+.

The move is likely to make adult subscribers happy who have been wishing to see their favorite big f-bomb, bloody action scene movies. It felt like it would just be a matter of time before they were added, and that time has finally come. But along with the company’s announcement came a reminder to parents.

When Will Deadpool and Logan be available on Disney+?

According to the press release, Disney+ will finally host Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan on its streaming service. The three titles, produced by 20th Century Fox and now fall under the Disney umbrella, are set to drop on July 22, several years after their theatrical and Blu-ray release dates.

Unlike newer Marvel or Disney movies, these three titles were kept off the platform intentionally. While other titles see a fast transition from theaters to streaming, Disney has been hesitant to put R-rated titles on its platform. Instead, Disney+ wanted to leave anything above a PG-13 rating far from the service, worried how that would skew its family-friendly brand vibe.

Once the company announced new parental controls more titles above PG-13 have been added over time.

Disney is reminding parents to check parental controls.

It’s no secret that Disney was worried about the content on its platform. The last thing they’d want to do is inadvertently make it easy for a 5-year-old bouncing between titles to press play on Deadpool and never be the same again.

Disney launched parental controls on March 16 to allow parents to add a pin to lock or unlock any titles they don’t want their kids to watch. The default was set at that time to stick to TV-14 and under, but with Deadpool and Deadpool 2, plus Logan coming in, Disney is reminding parents that now is a good time to make sure the parental control settings are what you need them to be.

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