This Huge James Bond Coffee Table Book Is Amazing — And Selling Out Fast

Taschen's 'The James Bond Archives' isn't messing around.

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A scene from the James Bond movie with Daniel Craig falling with a gun in his hand
Credit: Taschen

The new coffee table book The James Bond Archives is so big that it comes in its own cardboard box. Like similar in-depth coffee table books from renowned publisher Taschen, the size and physical weight of this book will blow your mind. Although previous versions of this book have existed before, the new edition is awesome for two reasons: First, it includes an in-depth look at No Time To Die, including spoilers and behind-the-scenes photos. Second — and this is really special — the book also includes amazing photos and details about the two “unofficial” James Bond films; the spoof version of Casino Royale (1967) and the Sean Connery/Kim Basinger off-brand 1983 Bond, Never Say Never Again.

Credit: Taschen/MGM

So, just to be clear, The James Bond Archives takes you through all 25 “real” Bond movies produced by EON — from Dr. No to No Time To Die, and also covers the two unofficial films. And, the best part is the photographs are amazing and huge. Have I mentioned how big this book is? It’s like almost two feet wide. Seriously. The actual dimensions are: 41.1 x 30 cm, 6,65 kg.

The James Bond Archives will make a great fall present or a holiday gift for that Bond fan in your life. And you should order it now. The first round of these books sold out, and the same thing is going to happen with the next print run. The book is $179.99 and worth every (money) penny. Snag it here.

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