This GoldenEye N64 Watch Will Leave You Shaken and Stirred

The best Bond was the one we played on the N64. This watch will put you back in the game.

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A James Bond 007 GoldenEye N64 watch
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Is it okay to screen-peek while you’re playing GoldenEye with three other people? Is it cheap to only use remote mines and hide from the other players? Did you memorize all the shortcuts in “the facility?” Who was your favorite player? Did you use the cheat codes to get Oddjob and go nuts with the slappers? Or were you more of a Boris person? If these references make zero sense, then you clearly didn’t play GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 in the ’90s, or well into the ’00s. But for those who remember the most ridiculously fun N64 game of the ’90s, then you totally remember The Watch. Just like in a James Bond movie, the Omega-ish watch in the GoldenEye game is how you figured out what was going on with whatever it was you wanted to do. It also let you know your health status with those handy little red and blue bars.

And now, that watch exists IRL. For only $22 bucks, you can snag the watch that looks exactly like the one from the GoldenEye N64 game.

To be clear, this watch is not supposed to look exactly like a Bond watch from the 007 films, but instead, replicate the excellent watch from the best Bond game of all time. EBay has a bunch of these. But mash that buy button now. This sucker is going to sell out.

BTW, a bunch of Bond movies, including GoldenEye, are streaming for free at the moment.

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