WTF? Disney's Star Wars Cruise, Now Serving $5,000 Cocktail

You read that right.

Cocktail splash with ice cubes and lime. Preparing of the delicious fresh cocktail on the bar stand

Either Disney gets a kick out of shocking people with a sticker price, or this is a really, really good cocktail. Disney’s newest cruise line, Wish, is getting set to sail and the amenities sound truly amazing. But as all the glitz vacationers can expect aboard the ship become known, one detail really stands out — there’s a cocktail that will cost you $5000. Yes. That’s not a typo. Five thousand dollars. You’re gonna have to rip off Jabba the Hutt like 10 times to pay for that! Here’s what you need to know.

Aboard the Disney Wish includes a whole lot of cool amenities including Broadway-style shows, kid clubs, water coasters, and plenty of dining options inspired by our favorite Disney characters. But there’s an adult-only Star Wars bar that has people talking right now because there’s one drink on the menu that costs the same as a two-night stay at the overpriced Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel.

The Hyperspace Lounge is a family experience during the day but at night it turns into an adults-only bar. And there’s one drink on the menu that has people really curious because it’s really expensive. The $5,000 cocktail is called Kaiburr Crystal, according to images shared online. The drink shares the name of the crystals that power lightsabers and, it’s marketed as “The galaxy’s rarest and valuable cocktail.”

The drink is served in an interesting case inspired by a droid—and we will admit that it’s impressive. The case is equipped with self-lowering doors and there’s even a smoke machine to make the whole thing more dramatic, according to videos shared on social media. It’s definitely a spectacle.

Why is it so expensive? What are the ingredients in the drink that make the price tag worth it? We have no idea. Unlike the other drinks on the menu for the Hyperspace Lounge, the Kaiburr Crystal has no ingredients listed. We can guess it’s alcoholic since it’s under the “hyperfuel” section of the menu and not the non-alcoholic section.

Gizmodo speculates that the drink might be made with the Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, which they list as costing $4,299.99 for a whole bottle. But unless the Star Wars drink contains a full bottle of the cognac, and you get to take home the droid case the drink came in, the math doesn’t add up there either.

The Disney Wish was officially unveiled in May 2021, and it arrived in Port Canaveral earlier this month.