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Will Ferrell Is Finally Fixing The One Thing Missing From Christmas Carol Movies

Spirited is going where no Christmas movie has gone before.

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Will Ferrell as Buddy in the "Elf" movie
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When it comes to Christmas movies, we have our classics for a reason. They’re storylines we’re familiar with, whether that’s how cranky the Grinch will get or if Buddy from Elf will bond with his real dad. Well, a new movie is coming this holiday season that will offer a different perspective on the classic tale A Christmas Carol.

And of course, our favorite Christmas movie actor, Will Ferrell, is fixing the one thing missing from most Christmas Carol adaptations: Don’t focus on Scrooge so much!

On Wednesday, October 12, Apple TV+ released the first trailer for the upcoming holiday movie Spirited. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, and it’s a modern twist to the classic story of Scrooge being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.

However, this one has a twist that makes a lot of sense, and it will probably fix the one thing that’s been missing from A Christmas Carol for decades. Instead of the story being told through Scrooge, Spirited is a “comedic take on the Charles Dickens classic, told from the perspective of the ghosts,” The Hollywood Reporter writes.

Reynolds plays a Scrooge-like character who is visited by the three ghosts on Christmas Eve, while Ferrell plays the Ghost of Christmas Present. We’ve watched all sorts of variations of the Christmas Carol movie, but it’s never been done like this before.

This movie is also a musical, which adds to the kitschy-holiday-ness necessary to turn a movie into a classic. Ferrell was able to take a unique twist on a classic holiday movie and turn it into a required watch during the holiday season with Elf. Can he do it again with this one?

Directed by Sean Anders, the film also stars Octavia Spencer, Sunita Mani, Patrick Page, Joe Tippett, Marlow Barkley, and Jen Tullock. Oh, and it features new Christmas songs that will probably ring through our heads for years to come.

Spirited releases in theaters on November 11 and on Apple TV+ on November 18.

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