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New Episodes Of Bluey Season 3 Will Finally Hit Disney+ In July — Here's The Details

Episodes previously released in Australia are finally coming to America.

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Bluey Season 3

Patience is a virtue, but Bluey fans have a lot in common with Muffin when it comes to waiting. For American fans of the Heeler family, the wait is over the delay is over! Disney has just announced when the next batch of new episodes are arriving in the US, and, it’s happening soon.

The second part of Bluey season 3 arrives on Disney+ and worldwide audiences on July 12, with releases on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior later this year. These 10 episodes initially aired in its homeland of Australia nearly a full year ago, with no clear info about a global release until now.

This upcoming collection of episodes has something for everyone, ranging from hilarious Heeler hijinks, insight into the friends of the family, and heartfelt tear-jerkers that are bound to make adult fans weep. Here’s the line-up with a short synopsis for each one new to American soil (mild spoilers ahead):

  • “Musical Statues” – With the family in discord, Chilli makes everyone play a game of “Musical Statues” to bring them back together.
  • “Stories” – Indy rewrites her story after a crafting session gone awry, with the help of Calypso, Winton’s wild imagination, and a horse voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • “Puppets” – Unicorse is back, and has fallen in love with Chilli! The kids try to help this uncouth puppet become a gentleman and win the affection of Mom.
  • “Turtle Boy” – Bingo finds a turtle toy in the park without an owner, and hides it so she can eventually take it home for herself. However, a hearing-impaired Cavapoo also discovers it and makes similar plans. Who will claim Turtle Boy for themselves?
  • “Onesies” – Chilli’s sister, Brandy, comes for a visit after many years away. Unfortunately, she made one major mistake, as her gift of onesies to the girls unleashes Bingo’s inner animal!
  • “Tradies” – Bluey and Bingo have some trepidations about the laborers building a fishpond in their backyard, and spy on them to learn who these strangers really are.
  • “Granny Mobile” – The Grannies are back, and this time Muffin is with them! The trio help their neighbor, Doreen, stand up for herself during her yard sale against a real grouchy Granny who tries to take advantage of Doreen’s politeness.
  • “Space” – Mackenzie is having a tough time playing “Space Explorers” with Jack and Rusty, bewildering his friends while he works through a traumatizing memory from his past.
  • “Dirt” – Judo just wants to have fun and play in a dirt heap with Bluey and Bingo, but her Mom doesn’t want her fur to get messy. The kids try to find a way to have the best of both worlds, which is more “trifficult” than it looks.
  • “The Decider” – An important rugby game is happening on the telly, and Chucky (AKA Lucky’s Dad’s second son) is torn between supporting the team his mom likes, or the one his dad likes.

The inclusion of “Onesies” is a welcome addition, since this episode previously had the possibility maybe being censored or cut entirely for US viewers. It’s a relief to see it make the list, although there’s still a chance a few of these might be altered for Disney+. (Here’s our full list of censored, banned, and alerted Bluey episodes)

The third and final part of season three is currently running in Australia. It debuted on April 9, with one episode already landing in hot water. When this next group of ten episodes airs outside of The Land Down Under is anyone’s guess, but hopefully, it won’t be as long as this wait felt.

Bluey is available in the US streaming on Disney+ and can be watched on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

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