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Here Are The Rules To 19 Bluey Games, Straight From The Show Into Your Home

From “Keepy Uppy” to “Work,” and everything in between, here’s how to actually play Bluey games from the show with the whole family in real life.

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Raising kids is a daily learning experience, but Chili and Bandit make it look so easy in Bluey. Sure, they have their tough times, like Bandit’s failed attempts at making a duck-shaped cake for Bingo’s birthday, or the Sticky Gecko incident with Chili (which she prefers we don’t talk about), but they overcome and make us want to excel at parenting as much as they seem to be. Much of that parenting and resolution comes from play — Bluey games that show good parenting and good fun can go hand in hand. Who knew animated anthropomorphic dogs would be our parenting inspiration, but here we are. But how do you play the games from Bluey in real life? What are the rules of the Bluey games?

We can’t all reach the same level of playtime excellence that Bluey’s Mom and Dad constantly achieve. But, you can recreate wonderful games. We’ve rewatched every episode of the show with attention to the games and then we tried them at home with our kids. Did they all work as perfectly as they did on screen? Not exactly. But in general, did we have a good time? Are Pomeranians a hardy breed? Exactly. Here’s a list of 19 specific Bluey games that come straight from the show into your living room — a guaranteed good time for the whole family.

19. Shadowlands



From Bluey Season 1, Episode 5, this game is best played in a wide-open field on a bright day with fluffy clouds looming in the sky. So, this one isn’t an everyday affair. Your kids hide under the shadows cast overhead, then run, jump, and scream into the next nearest shadow. Touching any part of the ground the sun hits means you’re out. It’s also a good way to stretch your budget on sunscreen.

Watch “Shadowlands,” on Disney+ here.

18. Taxi

“Taxi” in Bluey.


This game comes from Season 1, Episode 25, “Taxi.” Destination unknown, as your living room becomes a taxi, and your kid — the driver. Set up some chairs and a makeshift dashboard, and into traffic, you go! Watch out for pedestrians, other drivers, or whatever other hazards will get in the way of making your arrival on time. There are plenty of variations you can do with this game, changing the vehicle from a cab to a plane, train, starship, sandworm, or whatever imaginary vessel you want.

Watch “Taxi,” Bluey Season 1, Episode 25 on Disney+ here.

17. Raiders

"Raiders," in Bluey.


The game of “Raiders,” comes from Episode 16 in Season 1, which is called “Yoga Ball.” If you’ve got a Yoga ball in your home, you’re ready to play Raiders! The goal is to grab a lost treasure hidden behind obstacles you set up. Once they snatch it – you come after them and roll the ball down the hall to recreate that iconic movie scene. Really, though, if you’ve ever seen any Indiana Jones films, you can make up other gambits to chase your kids with. Even after the game ends, you can still teach them about monkey brains at dinner.

Watch Bluey Season 1, Episode 16, “Yoga Ball,” right here.

16. Grannies

"Grannies" in Bluey.


I’d say who doesn’t love The Grannies on Bluey, but if your kids become half as exasperating as Janet and Rita, you will definitely have your hands full. This one comes from Bluey Season 1, Episode 28. The “rules” are simple: Your children dress up and act like octogenarians, turning mundane tasks into elderly-inspired chaos. If you’re daring, combine Grannies into any of the other games on this list, and watch the madness unfold.

Watch Bluey, Season 1, Episode 28, “Grannies,” right here.

15. Boomerang

"Boomerang" in Bluey.


This game comes from Bluey Season 3, Episode 14, which is called “Perfect.” It’s a solid diversion if you’re at a gathering with other adults, but your children still want to play. Gently lob your kid in another direction and let them spin and twirl to their heart’s content. Then, like the game’s namesake, they return back to you, ready to be thrown again. Minimum effort on your part, but maximum fun for the little ones since they’re really the ones in control of how wild the boomerang is!

Watch Bluey, Season 3, Episode 14, “Perfect,” right here.

14. Dance Mode

“Dance Mode,” in Bluey.


From Bluey Season 2, Episode 3, it’s all about “Dance Mode.” Did your kids know there’s a switch on your back? If they find and flip it, you turn into a dancing machine – no matter where you are! If you’re coy, you can convince your children they also have a button that turns on their best jitterbug. This game is not for those who embarrass easily, but if you’re ready to show your kids how committed you are to playtime, Dance Mode turns everywhere you go into a boogie-down good time.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 3, “Dance Mode,” right here.

13. Charades

“Charades” in Bluey.


We all might think we know the game of charades, but Bluey Season 2, Episode 5, “Charades,” takes it up a notch. This is the only game on the list that requires investing a bit more into your game, but it’s worth it. Use a pack of Charades cards that don’t require reading and have pictures on them, then act out the image until someone guesses it correctly. It’s a lot of fun seeing how children interpret the world around them, you’ll be surprised how enjoyable this game can be with little ones. Nana Heeler plays this with the kids, so this is a good way to get grandparents or older relatives involved in playtime that won’t involve sprinting around the house.

Watch Bluey, Season 2, Episode 5, “Charades,” right here.

12. Restaurant

"Restaurant" in Bluey.


From Bluey Season 2, Episode 14, “Fancy Restaurant,” we get a classic make-believe game with a new hilarious twist. Why go out for a dinner date with your significant other, when you can stay home and be served by your kids? They can be the maître d’, the waiter, the chef - or if they are feeling villainous, the lazy exterminator – and give you a night out you’ll never forget. I’d suggest setting some ground rules about what you’ll eat before you start playing. Otherwise, you’ll feel exactly like Bandit did at the end of that episode. Poor guy…

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 14, “Fancy Restaurant,” right here.

11. Bad Mood

"Bad Mood" in Bluey.


From Bluey, Season 2, Episode 3, “Bad Mood,” is sort of what it sounds like. Intended as an exercise in emotional regulation, the concept of the game makes it exceptionally fun for any situation. Bandit plays this with Bingo when she’s in a bad mood, climbing onto his feet and controlling her limbs as they smash into things, much to Bingo’s excitement. Even without a bad mood, your kids will love piloting a parent mech. Viking hats sold separately.

Watch Bluey, Season 2, Episode 3, “Bad Mood,” right there.

10. Work

"Work" in Bluey.


In Bluey Season 1, Episode 31, everyone gets down to business in “Work.” If you’re a remote worker, you already know the struggles of trying to stay afloat at the job while having kids scamper underfoot. The kids can interview you for a profession of their choice, and turn you into their employee to boss around. If you play your cards right, you might be able to distract them with the paperwork of their own to let you sneak in some actual work time. Try not to get fired - ideally from BOTH of your jobs!

Watch Bluey Season 1, Episode 31, “Work,” right here.

9. Backpackers

"Backpackers," in Bluey.


In Bluey Season 1, Episode 36, everyone gets the travel bug with “Backpackers.” But, the trick here is nobody is actually going anywhere! Save money on a vacation to hike around the Alps or Appalachian Trail, and instead backpack through Europe in your own home. Your children call the shots here, as they create the exotic locations, and give you commands about what to do and say while on your excursion. Remember – as much as you wish you were, you are not a cartoon dog. Unless you’ve been doing your deadlifts, don’t wear the kids on your back if you want to be able to bend over when you’re older. What they can do instead is fill an actual backpack with household objects you’ll use on your trip instead of the items you’d actually need. Who needs a passport when you can hand Customs a toilet brush instead?

Watch Bluey Season 1, Episode 36, “Backpackers,” right here.

8. Rug Island

"Rug Island" in Bluey.


This one comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 10, “Rug Island.” Find the biggest rug or carpeted space in your home, drag some potted plants or couch cushions onto it, and transform your living room into a deserted island in the middle of the sea. Bluey and Bingo used felt markers to make all the objects in their little haven by the shore, but anything goes on the rug so take whatever you like and pretend it’s the essentials you need to survive. Imagination rules above all else, so immerse yourself in the mind of a child and drift away to simpler times when an island could just be a rug.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 10, “Rug Island,” right here.

7. Feather wand

"Feather Wand," in Bluey.


This comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 2, “Feather Wand.” When Bingo discovered a feather on the ground, she quickly realized it was a magic wand. Whenever she pointed it at something or someone, she exclaimed “Heavy!”, and made it weigh a ton! You haven’t lived until you’ve cleaned your teeth with a floor toothbrush. Much of the fun happens when the objects are disenchanted, and suddenly become their original weight as they abruptly fly at your face once the struggle is over.

A variation on this would be from the episode “Magic Asparagus”, where your child transforms you into different animals by zapping you with an enchanted vegetable. Bluey used asparagus, but a sturdy carrot or parsnip would do the trick, too. Nothing leafy, unless you like cleaning up sprigs of supernatural broccoli from your dining room floor.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 2, “Feather Wand,” right here. Also, watch Bluey Season 1, Episode 49, “Asparagus,” right here.

6. Torch Mouse

"Torch Mouse" in Bluey.

"Torch Mouse" in 'Bluey.'

This game comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 25, “Double Babysitter.” A brilliant game to wear out your young ones, this game works best at night time when it's darker. Your child is the cat, trying to catch the “mouse” AKA the beam from your flashlight or laser pointer. Bluey and Bingo were elated to play this with their babysitter, and it will quickly become a favorite with your little kittens, too.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 25, “Double Babysitter,” right here.

5. Pet Feet

“Pet Feet” in Bluey.


Not every game on this list requires the parents to break a sweat. I’m throwing you a bone here. This one comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 8, “Daddy Dropoff.” And, it’s a game you can easily play on your back in bed, while your kids have a romp with your frisky feet. Whatever is below your knees becomes the animal of your choosing, and your kids can play and take care of them. When you get tired of playing, just remind them of how stinky your feet are, and that should be enough to send them running.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 8, “Daddy Dropoff,” right here.

4. Favorite Thing

"Favorite Thing" in Bluey.


As the day comes to a close and you are all winding down, Favorite Thing is a fantastic way to interact with your kids at mealtime that doesn’t wind them back up. This comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 7, “Favorite Thing.” The rules are simple: Everyone takes turns sharing what their favorite thing was that happened to them today, and you discuss it and turn their singular experience into a moment everyone enjoys. This a sneaky way to get your kids better at their conversational skills and having etiquette at the dining table, while also creating fun family memories that will last a long time after the plates are cleaned up.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 7, “Favorite Thing,” right here.

3. Story Time

Bluey "Storytime"


This game comes from a classic Bluey episode; Season 1, Episode 8, “Fruit Bat.” It’s typical to read a book to your kids at bedtime to help them sleep, but it’s a bit unusual for you to fall asleep while reading their book. Try as you might, you just can’t stay awake, especially when you get to the exciting parts. Your kids can try to wake you up, but you’re having such a hard time keeping your eyes open! Whether you finish the book, or flop onto their pillow for a nap of your own, is up to you.

Watch Bluey, Season 1, Episode 8, “Fruit Bat,” right here.

2. Octopus

"Octopus," in 'Bluey.'


This comes from Bluey Season 2, Episode 46, “Octopus.” Chloe the Dalmation learned this game from Bluey, who explained Dad is the octopus behind their couch, and the two kids are fish trying to steal his treasure. The octopus tries to stop them with his tentacles, swinging them at the fish and trapping them in his suction cups. Simple enough, and easy to play.

The dilemma is, when Chloe brings the game back to her home to play with her dad, it isn’t the same experience. Every time one suggests something, the other felt like their ideas were being rejected. Instead of turning the other person down, they decide to say yes to everything and remake the game to fit the way they play.

The lesson Chloe and her dad learned is when it comes to games, there are no rules. Playtime with your kids is like improv comedy. It’s best when it’s “Yes, and –“because saying no grinds the scene to a halt. There are still boundaries that must be respected, but let your imaginations go as far as they can reach to make playtime a truly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Watch Bluey Season 2, Episode 46, “Octopus,” right here.

1. Keepy Uppy

“Keepy Uppy.”


The game that started it all! From Bluey Season 1, Episode 3, this game is essential. Blow up a balloon, toss it to your tiny ones, and let the havoc begin. As long as the balloon never touches the ground or pops, the game continues! If it does land, throw it back in the air and start again.

Watch “Keepy Uppy,” on Disney+ here.

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