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Wild Bluey Theory Suggests One Character Isn't Really A Dog At All

Wait. Is Calypso not actually a dog?

Calypso Bluey

It’s not just kids’ imaginations that are sparked by Bluey. There’s a massive adult fan base who are just as enamored by the series, and they love going deep. With a new batch of episodes arriving stateside very soon, Bluey lovers of all ages will have new stories to enjoy. For some, this also means exploring ideas that get into the nitty-gritty of what we don’t see. Within Bluey fandom circles, there’s a new theory circulating right now that sounds far-fetched but has solid evidence to support it.

Calypso is Bluey’s teacher at Glasshouse Primary, with appearances in over a dozen episodes since the series began. Through these cameos, some speculate there’s more to this Australian Shepherd than meets the eye. Here’s the theory: Calypso isn’t just a dog, but an omnipotent magical being with empathic healing powers.

It’s easy to dismiss this idea, but there’s more credence than expected if you dig into the show, and that proof doesn’t require a microscope to see. Calypso debuted in the first season episode titled “Calypso,” where she diagnoses the needs of the different groups of children playing. Each one requires something that another group has, and through her gentle nudging is able to turn these disparate groups into a community of independent people working together.

Through episodes like “Typewriter” and “Barky Boats,” audiences get a taste for Calypso’s methods of explanations combined with empathy, but her appearances are often more thoughtful than extraordinary. It’s not until later in the series that fans began to question how enchanted this educator may or may not be.

The episodes that kickstarted these theories are a pair of episodes that, interestingly, have not yet aired yet outside of Australia. So, Bluey spoilers ahead here!

In the episode “Space,” Mackenzie relives a traumatic moment from his past, losing his parents while on the playground. He doesn’t understand his feelings of abandonment and re-enacts those memories by “going through a black hole” into the past. As he does this and reverts into his younger self, Calypso is inexplicably there on the other side to help him work through his issue.

As mysteriously as she arrived, Calypso dissipates from the scene while Mackenzie is rushed by some of the girls playing fairy. Was Calypso physically there at that moment, or was she actually present when Mackenzie was a toddler? Or was it neither, and she inserted herself into his mind? There’s no clear answer, but Calypso was there in some form to aid in Mackenzie’s time of need.

A few episodes later in “Wild Girls,” Coco and Indy are struggling to play a game together due to Coco’s rigidity. After Indy abandons the game, Coco howls in the woods by herself, until Calypso mysteriously shows up sitting down next to her. After listening to the sagacious advice from her seemingly supernatural watcher, Coco is able to reunite with Indy and go back to having fun.

It’s not just Calypso’s mystical teleportation powers that have fans believing this theory. It’s also how she knows who to materialize in front of that needs her the most in that moment, and the ability to know the right things to say which fix the situation. Is Calypso a Doctor Who-type character, and is the school just one big time-space machine like the TARDIS? Or is she merely a convenient way to move the stories along to a satisfactory resolution?

The likelihood of an explanation for this is slim, but fans will be scrutinizing Calypso a lot more now that she’s begun to reveal her special abilities. Whether everyone adheres to this fan theory or not, one thing is true about the character and what she means. Teachers are magical beings, with powers to affect mindsets, feelings, and the ability to change. There’s no better metaphor in Bluey for this than Calypso, and maybe the magic is reminding families about that concept too.

Bluey is available in the US streaming on Disney+ and can be watched on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The first two seasons are also available on DVD in their original unedited formats.