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The 9 Weirdest and Best Viral Bluey Fan Theories, Ranked

The show is a big puzzle that adults love to try and solve. 🔍

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fKids love Bluey. But adults who love Bluey love Bluey even more. The deeper meaning behind Bluey isn’t just that it’s a great kids’ show, but perhaps, that it can explain the meaning of life. And, unraveling the complex world of Bluey means diving deep into what could be lurking right beneath the surface.

You’ve heard of Star Wars fan theories and Marvel fan theories, but get ready for Bluey fan theories. Here are the nine wackiest and smartest Bluey fan theories we found on the internet right now.

9. Mackenzie Has Depression

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Kid shows are usually happy and upbeat, but Bluey likes to keep things real, and the showrunners can do that in a way only parents notice. Well, at least that's true if this fan theory about Mackenzie during the "Space" episode. First, Mackenzie keeps disappearing and then going into flashbacks of when he was younger. Eventually, in the episode, the character walks into a "black hole," which fans theorize is symbolic of depression.

8. Judo's Parents Are Divorced

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Judo, Bluey's "other neighbor," is a secondary character. However, fans still notice that while we see Judo's mom, there's no sight of her having another parent. The running theory on why is that Wendy, Judo's mom, is divorced, and Judo splits her time between two houses. This is explained subtly, like in one episode where Bluey said she hadn't seen Judo in a while and why Wendy is always by herself.

7. Bandit and Chili Are Secret Smugglers

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Bluey's parents, Bandit and Chili, seem well off, which doesn't make sense. One TikTok user explains that since Bandit works as an archeologist while her mom Chili works in airport security, there's no way they could afford their lifestyle unless they were criminals. Of course, that's a fun theory.

6. Indy's Mom Is Having an Affair

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There are several fan theories about Indy's mom, and they center around Indy's relationships. One theory is that she's having an affair with another dog who works at the same market where Indy's mom sells her gluten-free cakes. The basis of this theory comes from one episode where the two can be seen in the background "quite cozy" as they walk into work. However, another theory is that Indy's parents may be in a polyamorous relationship.

5. Bingo Has Celiac Disease

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This theory is a little harder to piece together than others, and the clues are spanned across several episodes, one TikTok user suggests. The gist is that in the first season, Bingo was in the hospital, and there is no explanation on why. In another episode during the second season, Bandit packs lunch for Bingo and sorts through the food that is and isn't gluten-free. Given gluten-free food is brought up several times throughout the seasons, Bingo likely has Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder where consuming gluten causes harm to the intestines, so treatment is to eat gluten-free

4. Bandit's Dad, Bob, Is Dead

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This theory has been dissected a few times. The running theory is that Bandit's dad (Bluey's granddad) has passed away. He was in one episode where he was dancing with his wife. But after that, Bob was only seen in flashbacks, and he's completely gone from any other family gatherings after that episode. One TikTok user says that some answers about where Bob is might be answered in the upcoming third season.

3. Everyone in Coco's Family Is a "Show Dog"

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Have you ever seen an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras? The show follows young toddlers whose parents put them in extravagant beauty pageants — and that's the running theory for Coco's family. There isn't another family in the Bluey universe where the characters have bright colors. The idea is that the family dyes their fur pink like beauty pageants (or dog shows) glam up for events.

2. Bluey's Parents had a "Rainbow Baby"


One of the more famous theories from the Bluey universe is that Bluey is a rainbow baby (a name for a baby born after miscarriage or stillbirth). The theory is that before Bluey was born, her mom, Chili, had a miscarriage. Several clues point to this being a viable theory. The most obvious came in the Mother's Day episode, which was very meaningful to parents who have experienced loss.

1. The Heeler Family Are Basically the Kardashians

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Everyone knows the Kardashian family, who are famous for being a famous family (among other things), and their reality TV show catapulted them to mega-celebrity status. Well, one of the best Bluey theories is that the Heeler family is essentially the Kardashians in their universe. They break the fourth wall all the time to speak to the audience, and throughout the series, there are subtle clues like books with the family on the cover.

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