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Amy Schumer's SNL Monologue Got Painfully Honest About Married Couples' Sex Lives

Hilarious and way too close to home.

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How much do married couples actually have sex? Amy Schumer might have the painfully hilarious answer. The answer is always: tomorrow. On November 5, 2022, Amy Schumer returned to Saturday Night Live (SNL) to host for the third time. Her opening monologue touched on several topics, including the upcoming midterm elections, her husband's autism diagnosis, and their sex life. Her jokes on how much parenthood and marriage change your sex life was painfully, hilariously honest.

She spoke of her son's birth and how the doctors insisted she and her husband, Chris Fischer, wait six weeks before having sex.

"How about six years…" she replied, "that's when I think I'll be ready; remember, his foot got caught in my intestines."

Schumer continued, saying she and Fischer "have a good sex life."

"Married people, have you found this? We've found that the best weekday to have sex is always to … morrow," she joked. "Like, we ate today. Maybe we won't eat tomorrow. That'll be a good day for us."

The comedian then said it's "awkward" for spouses to have sex. "That's your family. You know? I have Thanksgiving with you. I lay out your sweaters." She also poked fun at how it is impossible to talk dirty with your partner because you know each other too well to know that whatever you say isn't really what you're going to do.

Schumer then switched the subject to her husband and his autism diagnosis. She spoke about how knowing he has autism spectrum disorder has allowed her to understand his behavior more and has given him more tools. But it's also given them a fun game to play when her husband seems to miss the point ... is it autism or just a man?

The jokes were relatable for many parents, and Schumer delivered them well. And you'd never know that she had to miss rehearsal during the week because she was pulling working mom double duty. During rehearsal week leading up to SNL, Amy's son was "rushed to the ER and admitted for RSV," Schumer shared on Instagram, and she spent all day Thursday with him, thanks to the supportive cast and crew.

Thankfully their son is out of the hospital now. And Schumer and her husband are probably planning a date night next...tomorrow.

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