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6 Reasons We Still Love The Princess Bride, 35 Years Later

Don’t let the memes ruin the magic.

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Cary Elwes in 'The Princess Bride'
20th Century Fox

Meme culture has done everything in its power to suck all of the juice and life out of The Princess Bride by strip-mining its many memorable moments.

But, not even a force as powerful and toxic as the internet can ruin a movie as special and unique and pure as The Princess Bride. Here are the six basic reasons why it’s still great.

20th Century Fox

6. Mandy Patinkin Slays As Inigo Montoya

It’s a gift to cinema as well as meme-makers. The Spanish swordsman’s 20-year quest to avenge his father’s murder is played for big laughs, but it’s also unexpectedly poignant and powerful when he gets to realize his destiny.

20th Century Fox