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The 25 Best Movies From 1997 That Somehow Aren’t Titanic

25 years ago, we got one of the greatest years for movies ever. And, we don’t even need to talk about the most famous movie to prove it.

A collage consisting of a tv set, an antena tv, a person wearing 3d glasses and the titanic

25 years ago, Titanic was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to killer movies. Leo’s “king of the world” moment tends to dominate our perception of 1997, but there were far more interesting, bizarre, and great movies from that year.

Here are the top 25 movies from 1997 that you can’t believe were all released the same year and also very much not Titanic.

25. Anaconda

Anaconda has what most other animal-attack movies don’t have: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and a truly baffling performance by Jon Voight that ends with his character winking after being vomited up by the giant snake. Fantastic!