The New Balance Casablancas Are the Most Conspicuously Stylish Dad Sneakers

You're sure to make a statement from the bottom up in these new cult favorites.

The New Balance Casablanca shoes
The New Balance Casablanca

There is no denying the slightly-off kilter appeal of the New Balance 237 Casablanca Red Monogram. All of the little details are just too good. The perforated leather upper; the suede overlays; the exaggerated heal-tread, which is oddly reminiscent of a driving loafer; the retro-inspired color blocking and oversized logo; and most of all–the red and green geometrical monogram. If you’re dressing from the bottom up, the Casablanca represents a bold foundational piece, a perfect accompaniment to cuffed selvedge denim or even well-fitting camouflage slacks. The Casablanca was released in May of 2021 to great acclaim. New Balance sold out quickly, but pairs remain on resale sites like Stock-X. Prices range up to almost $200. However, New Balance stocks plenty of fire color ways at a more accessible price point.

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