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Just For Men Control GX Is The Dye-Free Way To Reverse Grey Hair

Yes, really: you can reverse your greys by simply washing your hair.

Emma Chao/Courtesy Amazon; Fatherly; Getty Images
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Grey hair hits everyone differently. For some, it’s an overnight tidal wave, like a cartoon lightning bolt zaps all color out of their once lusciously colored locks in an instant. For others, it’s a slow, uneven mess — a stripe here, a patch there, and plenty of awkward steps in between. For others, it’s a salt-and-pepper rain that looks dignified every step of the way (handsome jerks). Some don’t get grey at all.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with grey hair. Greying is a natural regenerative process. As your hair grows back again and again, it produces less color, simple as that (usually). It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re older — genetics play a role in when it arrives. It’s also more common than you might think with nearly 3 /4 of the population donning some grey hair between ages 45-60. So what’s the problem?

Nothing, of course. The way one fights or accepts greys is a personal preference. Ageism in the workplace is often rampant, so that may be back of mind. Or, grey hair might just simply be an aesthetic you don’t like. You may also be one of those in transition — with patchy or striped greys that look, well, imbalanced.

Fortunately, there are loads of ways to get out the grey. You can do away with it in one swoop with your classic hair dye that matches your color. This is best if you are ready to own up to a big change or want to do away with it completely and keep it that way. If you’d rather slow the process down, however — or, really, slowly reverse the process — the gradual grey shampoo from Just For Men is your killer tool.

A simple shampoo with a subtle scent (think of it as a generically manly combination of cedar and old spice), Just For Men’s Control GX works with the natural colors in your hair (they’re still there in the grey hair, there’s just less of it) and helps to bring them back.

It’s all rather technical — some patented application of Zinc pyrithione — but the proof is in the shampooing. Yes, there are plenty of JFM-sanctioned studies, but why not add one anecdotal application to the mix? In about a month using the shampoo three times a week, the patchy salt and pepper has all but disappeared from this users’s dark wavy hair. When I dialed it down to twice a week — for about a month — a more subtle salt and pepper remains, where I’d like it to stay.

The best part of this product is its simplicity. Shower, apply the shampoo to your hair, leave it in for 60 seconds, and rinse. You’ll see what looks like dye wash down the drain and while I’ve never had it color my fingernails (as I was warned it could on the label), it has stained a few shower curtains. My hair, a slightly oily wavy type, was only slightly stripped of oils (as all shampoo does). I like to give it a light conditioning and only rinse it for the rest of the week.

Tips For Dealing With Incoming Grey Hair

  • Get a haircut. When you have new grey hair, get a haircut before you do anything else — preferably with a professional who lets you know they can indeed blend it into the salt and pepper perfection. Only assess whether you want to dye when your hair is at your favorite length.
  • Dye if you want to go all in. Just for Men Control GX if you want a more gradual change.
  • Think about a full color change. Why not? Now’s the time. Just look at Patrick Dempsey’s bleach-blonde foray. The man is a salt-and-pepper 56-year-old but going blond looks great. It’s fun. Your kids will hate you trying to be cool, but your wife probably won’t.