Virginia Pelley

Virginia Pelley is an experienced science and features writer and editor with bylines at Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Daily Beast, Men’s Journal, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Al Jazeera America, Cosmopolitan, and of course Fatherly.


7 Tips To Help You Cope With "Gray Divorce"

When older parents decide to divorce, it can be tough on families. Here’s how to ease the transition for everyone.


14 Simple Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

According to roughly a decade of studies in relationship science, here’s what makes a partnership happier and more resilient.

Loose Change

How Having A Second Child Affects Your Marriage, Finances, And Family Dynamic

Baby number two changes a lot, and often in unexpected ways.

Style Guide

Understanding Your Attachment Style Is The Secret To Healthier Relationships

Secure? Dismissive-avoidant? Anxious? Attachment styles shouldn't be taken as gospel. But understanding them can help couples understand one another better.


When Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands, Marriages Struggle

Thanks to a combination of societal expectations and deep-set ideas about gender roles, many relationships don't fare well when the wife brings home more bacon.

Cut The Fuse

Are You a Short Tempered Dad? Here’s What to Understand — And How to Stay in Control

Even if your temper never leads to violence or shouting, it still affects your relationships, not to mention the mental health of everyone in your family. 


Why It’s So Hard For Married Men To Have Female Friends

Fear of sexual tension and relationships make male-female friendships a hard sell for married men.

New Dads

New Dads Go Through A Second Puberty

When a man becomes a dad, his body changes. Hormones fluctuate. Emotions swirl. But it's a major transition he may not even notice.

Men's Health

Low Sperm Count Is Creating A Men’s Health Crisis. But Why Are Numbers Declining?

Researchers have known for a while that sperm count and quality are declining at alarming rates in westernized countries. But what, exactly, is the cause?


How To Keep Your Relationship Strong When Dealing With Fertility Issues

The fertility journey can be a time of overwhelming stress and heartache. Here’s how to get through it together.

Social Studies

8 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Talking About Their Child’s Education

According to educators and counselors, this is what parents should keep in mind when talking about their child’s schooling.

Child Development

Science Explains Why Kids That Play Well Thrive

For kids, play is a state of being. For parents, it’s an investment in time and money. Science explains how all that time on the playground brings lifelong dividends.

Catching ZZZ's

How French Parents Sleep Train Their Babies

A more laissez-faire nighttime philosophy could help you and your baby sleep.

Buyer Beware

5 Big Things People Overlook When Buying A Home (But Definitely Shouldn’t)

A home is more than what’s contained within its walls.


Why Dark, Embarrassing Thoughts Randomly Pop Into Your Head

Intrusive thoughts can happen to almost everyone. This is why they occur and what to do about them.


What Is the Divorce Rate in America?

People tend to think that more than 50 percent of couples get divorced every year in America. But that's not true. Here's what is.


How Men Lose the Respect of Their Wives, Kids, and Families — And How They Can Win It Back

Regardless of how it was lost, respect can be hard to get back. Commanding it isn’t the answer.

The Long Haul

Couples Who Make It Through Tough Times Share These 8 Traits

In the long run, this is the stuff that really matters.

Parenting a Parent

Beware Parentification: The Dangers Of Leaning On Your Child For Emotional Support

Children are naturally empathetic, so it’s easy for parents to place them in situations where they feel more like parents than kids.

You Got This

Improve Yourself, Improve Your Relationships

Putting in the effort to work on your stuff, whatever it may be, tends to improve all of your relationships.