Virginia Pelley

Virginia Pelley is an experienced science and features writer and editor with bylines at Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Daily Beast, Men’s Journal, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Al Jazeera America, Cosmopolitan, and of course Fatherly.

The Long Haul

How Happy Marriages Stay Happy: 7 Signs Of A Rock-Solid Relationship

This is what helps couples stay happy over time.

Catching ZZZ's

How French Parents Sleep Train Their Babies With Le Pause

A more laissez-faire nighttime philosophy could help you and your baby sleep.

Choices, Choices

How To Make Better Decisions In Uncertain Times

Shaky ground can make us feel less secure in our choices. Peter Atwater, author of the new book “The Confidence Map,” offers a clear framework to find a way forward.

Cut The Fuse

Are You a Short Tempered Dad? Here’s What to Understand — And How to Stay in Control

Even if your temper never leads to violence or shouting, it still affects your relationships, not to mention the mental health of everyone in your family. 


What Men Really Want In Bed

Think you know what drives male desire? Think again.


Why Men Lose The Respect Of Their Families — And How They Can Win It Back

Regardless of how it was lost, respect can be hard to get back. Commanding it isn’t the answer.

Happy Times

The Secret To Living A Happier, More Fulfilling Life

A happiness researcher explains.

Support System

8 Helpful Ways To Support Your Partner After The Death Of A Parent

Here’s how you can be there for them during this difficult time.


Work Stress Takes A Toll On You. If You’re Not Careful, It Will Harm Your Kids, Too.

Lack of control at work and the stress it creates could be affecting your children. Here’s how to fight back.

Child Development

Science Explains Why Kids That Play Well Thrive

For kids, play is a state of being. For parents, it’s an investment in time and money. Science explains how all that time on the playground brings lifelong dividends.

Talk Shop

Stressed? These 8 Tips Can Help You Communicate Better

Do you not communicate effectively when you’re stressed? Join the club. These tips can help change your behavior.


What Keeping Secrets Does To A Relationship

The average person keeps roughly 13 secrets. Each has consequences for you, your partner, and your relationship.


How To Bounce Back From A Major Setback Stronger Than Ever

Disappointments are a big part of life. But it’s difficult to not let them affect self-worth. This is how to truly recover.

Support Systems

How To Truly Support Someone Struggling With Burnout

This is how to be there for them — and yourself.

Family Matters

What Living Near Grandma and Grandpa Does for a Family

Living near grandparents provides a unique set of pros and cons for every member of the family.


What We Get Wrong About Anger & Angry Men

TikTok’s “Anger Professor,” Dr. Ryan Martin, discusses the biggest myths about anger and the secret to stopping outbursts before they start.


When Complaining About Your Spouse Crosses the Line

Griping about marital issues is completely natural. Until it isn't.

Support Systems

How to Be There For a Partner With Anxiety

Ignoring it, getting angry about it, or making constant concessions won’t help. What will: understanding, support, and healthy boundaries.


What Happens When One Person Makes All The Family Decisions

It’s not *necessarily* a bad thing. But when both partners are engaged in decision-making, it's often healthier and more effective.


How To Reinvent Yourself

The new book, NEXT!, lays out the path to making a major life change. Here’s what successful self-reinvention truly requires, and the big mistakes to avoid along the way.