Melaina Juntti

Melaina Juntti is a freelance journalist and editor whose work has appeared in a wide range of consumer-facing and industry print and digital publications including Fatherly, Men's Journal, and MSN. She covers a breadth of topics but specializes in health, wellness, nutrition, dietary supplements, food business, and agriculture. Melaina is an avid outdoorswoman and live music fanatic who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and yellow lab, JoJo.


What Does Weed Do To Your Brain And Body?

A play-by-play on what happens when you smoke pot or take an edible.


It’s Time To Stop Calling Autism “Asperger’s”

"Asperger's" hasn't been an official diagnosis since 2013. More recently, its namesake was outed as a Nazi sympathizer. It's time for the name to go.


Can Smoking Weed Help You Lose Weight?

Some compelling data points to the idea that pot-use and weight loss are linked. Really.


What Happens If A Kid Eats Edibles?

If you have edibles in your house, there's a chance your kid could eat them. Here's what happens if they do.

Mental Health

This Weird Hugging Technique Will Fix Your Anxiety

Can a self-hug help alleviate anxiety and fight depression? The science is promising.


If You Have to Choose One, Should You Sleep Or Exercise?

Sometimes you're faced with a binary choice: Get more rest or hit the gym. Which one will give your day, and week, a boost?


The Truth About Fiber Supplements For Kids

Is it okay to give kids fiber supplements? It's complicated.


My Dog Ate Weed. Now What?

Animal Poison Control Center fielded a whopping 765% more calls about dogs eating weed in 2019 than it had the year prior.


Inattentive ADHD Is A Quiet Crisis That’s Leaving Girls Behind

A form of ADHD that shows itself in quiet, spacey, withdrawn children and adults usually flies under the radar. This is a problem.


What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking

The effects are wide-ranging, fast, and enough to give any drinker pause.


Why Do Babies Hiccup So Much? For Brain Development. Seriously. 

Baby hiccups might seem like a strange quirk or muscle development, but they're so very much more than that.


Does Your Toddler’s Tantrums Point to a Bigger Problem? Here’s How to Know.

A new study offers clues as to how to tell the difference between everyday tantrums and ones that are signs of bigger issues.

Using Your Words

Want To Raise A High-Achieving Kid? Talk To Your Toddler Like This

The way you talk to toddlers can determine how well they do in school.


Do Kids Need Iron Supplements?

It's tempting to give your broccoli-hating kids an iron supplement. First, try this.


Some Men Check Out Women Constantly. Are They More Likely To Cheat?

Checking out gorgeous people isn't cheating. But it also isn't far removed from it.


15 Truly Unbelievable Ways Science Changed the World in 2021

From the fastest vaccine rollout ever to finding 2.5 billion T. rexes, 2021 was full of amazing scientific breakthroughs.


Does Elderberry Syrup Really Work as an Immune Booster?

You feel a cold coming and, naturally, you reach for the elderberry syrup. But does that make any scientific sense? Here's what the studies say.


The Truth About Acupuncture During Birth

More women are getting acupuncture and acupressure during birth. But is it safe?


The Air in Your Home Is Making Your Family Sick. Here’s What to Do About It.

You might want to blame daycare, or your colleagues, or kids who don't wash hands for getting your family sick, but there's a far more likely culprit.


Your Pediatrician’s Dirty Secret. They’re Giving the Kids Adult Medicine

Off-label prescriptions are perfectly legal and, a new study finds, increasingly common. Here's what parents need to know.