Mark Edlitz

Mark Edlitz's writings have appeared in The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex, Moviefone, Sirius/XM Radio's Slice of SciFi and Empire magazine online. Mark's first book HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO is about superheroes and the actors who play them. His second book THE MANY LIVES OF JAMES BOND is about how 007 has been depicted in different media.

Mark lives in New York City with his superhero wife and two villainous children.

The Fatherly Nightstand

The Coolest James Bond Adventures Are The Ones You've Never Heard Of

ByMark Edlitz

Let's talk about the 007 books written AFTER Ian Fleming.

Old Friends

Your Favorite Rocky Movie Isn't Actually The Film You Remember At All

ByMark Edlitz

Why the Rocky IV’s director’s cut can’t really replace the original.