Kristi Pahr

School Lunch

California Takes Huge Step In Feeding Hungry Kids With Universal Meals Program

As of 2020, 14.8% of American kids were facing food insecurity.


9 States With Back-To-School Tax Credits — And How To Take Advantage

School supplies aren’t cheap. Some states help out.

Conservationists, Unite!

The Biggest Wildlife Protection Bill Since 1973 Will Likely Pass The Senate Soon

The Senate and the House actually agree on something: wildlife protection.

Inflation Station

What The Inflation Reduction Act Could Actually Do For You, From Climate To Medication Costs

The Inflation Reduction Act will almost certainly become law. Here’s what it will do for you — and what it won’t.


Social Security Recipients Could Get A Major Inflationary Bonus, Per New Estimate

Older Americans, federal retirees, disabled people, and other Social Security recipients are in line for a significant income boost in 2023, according to an estimate released by an advocacy group.

Go Green

$369 Billion Proposed For Climate Change, Renewable Energy In Newly Revived Bill

But that’s not all. The bill targets drug prices and inflation, too.


Hair Loss And Long COVID Linked, According To Study

Researchers have uncovered a rash of new long COVID symptoms including, yes, hair loss.

Siesta Scares

New Study Links Regular Napping With Two Serious Health Conditions

A new study took aim at one of the world’s most important pastimes: the cat nap.

Hot Wheels

Buying A New Car? Proposed Rules Might Make It Easier To Not Get Ripped Off

New Federal Trade Commission rules could hold car dealerships to stringent standards if they end up becoming policy.


$450 Checks Will Be Mailed To Certain Florida Families — Here’s What To Know

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is sending qualifying families one-time $450 checks.

Student Debt

130+ Organizations Urge Biden To Extend A Major Student Loan Waiver And Repayment Pause

“We believe these steps are necessary to deliver the relief that your administration has worked hard to provide and to ensure that all borrowers are given equal access to their rights under federal law.”

Heavenly Elixir

Study Says That Coffee Helps You Live Longer

There’s a catch, of course — and it might mean you have to put down that teaspoon of sugar.

Child Care

85 Major Orgs Call On Congress To Save Child Care: “Parents Can't Afford To Go Back To Work”

“Inaction by Congress will put the entire child care sector on a path to insolvency – a reality that would have catastrophic consequences for our entire labor market and economy.”

Air Quality

Air Pollution Levels Linked to Disease, IQ Decline In Kids

A new study from Boston College found that air quality, even within acceptable EPA standards, has major negative effects on the health of kids and adults in the US.

Car Safety

SUVs Way More Likely To Kill Kids Than Other Cars, Study Shows

SUVs were the striking vehicle in only 16.9% of crashes involving children but were responsible for 40% of fatalities.

What To Know

Parechovirus, A Disease Deadly To Infants, Is Circulating. Here’s What To Know.

Here's everything you need to know about parechovirus — and how you can protect your family.

Work Life

A UK Company Switched To A 4-Day-Workweek And Profits Soared By 29%

Good news for people who love work-life balance.

Fix It

Social Security Is Making Huge Changes — What Parents Need To Know

The Social Security e-verify program is ending early. Here's everything you need to do.

Student Debt

Student Loan Interest Is A Massive Problem. There's A Plan To Ease It

Many borrowers are just paying off the interest on their student loans, and seeing their balances only grow larger.

Four Day Week

3 Major Takeaways From Schools With 4-Day Weeks

A new study of schools with 4-day school weeks has found that there are benefits — and drawbacks — to shortened weeks.