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New Study Finds Gas Stoves Release Toxic Chemicals — Even When Turned Off

Ninety-five percent of the gas stoves tested released the carcinogen benzene.


Up to $850 in Stimulus Checks Could Be Coming for People in 11 States

Federal stimulus checks may be over, but statewide stimulus checks might still hit the wallets of people in 11 states.

goodnight, sleep tight

Couples Actually Sleep Better Together Than Alone, Study Says

A new study may make you feel differently about the bed hog who sleeps beside you.

Fitness Test

If You Fail This 10-Second Test, Your Risk Of Death Doubles

A new study found that people who couldn't pass this test had double the risk of dying within the next 10 years.


A New Child Tax Credit Plan Is Here. But It Has Some Major Drawbacks.

Mitt Romney wants to send parents monthly cash to get through inflation. It's a welcome proposal, but there are a number of drawbacks.

sleepless nights

There’s One Awesome (Sleep-Related) Reason To Look Forward To 50, Study Shows

A new study pinpoints the years of your life when you’ll get the least sleep — and when things get better.


Is The Baby Formula Crisis Here To Stay?

Parents have been without an essential product that keeps their babies alive for months. How? And how do we make sure this never happens again?

child care costs

Over Half Of Parents Expect To Pay At Least 20% Of Their Income On Child Care

Childcare costs are already through the roof, and there’s no sign that prices will drop anytime soon.

safer streets

New Report Shows Traffic Deaths Are Soaring — But We Can Fix It

“People in America are more than twice as likely to be killed on the road compared to Canada, just over the border, and more than four times as likely than in the leading countries of Western Europe.”

child tax credit

40 Racial Justice Organizations Demand Government Bring Back Child Tax Credit: "Poverty Is A Policy Choice"

The group an open letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on behalf of the millions of families that have fallen back into poverty since the tax credit ended.

hit snooze

Crack Of Dawn School Start Times Hurt Kids. One State Is Finally Changing That

California is the first state to push back school start times in accordance with the circadian rhythms of kids. It matters.


The Best 7 Foods To Eat For Iron

Make sure you get enough iron in your diet with these foods.

retirement savings

57 Million Americans Don't Have Access To A Retirement Account. A Potential New Plan Could Fix That.

Months after the federal government debated bolstering existing retirement savings, they're at it again to help people be able to save for the first time.

gun violence

Biden, Hands Largely Tied On Gun Control, Demands Congressional Action

On June 2nd, President Biden addressed America and urged Congress to take a series of actions to stop gun violence.


Pfizer Officially Files for Authorization Of Vaccine for Kids Under 5

Pfizer has filed for authorization (again) for a vaccine in kids under 5.

it's common sense

Kids Across America May Soon Go Hungry For a Totally Preventable Reason

The overwhelmingly popular free school lunch program is set to expire at the end of June.

support kids

Survey Of LGBTQ+ Youth Shows The 11 Most Important Things Supportive Parents Can Do

This is what LGBTQ+ youth want from their parents.

Trans Kids

Oklahoma Enacts Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill Targeting K-12 Kids

The Oklahoma governor, for the third time this year, signed into law a bill that makes life worse for trans kids.


5 Ways to Help Kids, Parents, Victims After Uvalde School Shooting

A nation grieves another preventable massacre against children. What can we do to help?


Guns Are Now The Number One Killer Of Kids In The U.S.

From 2019 to 2020, there was a 34% increase in the number of kids murdered by guns.