Does ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

It may not be a theatrical release of a superhero movie, but it feels like one!

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Since 2008, when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) stepped-out of the shadows to talk to Tony Stark about “the Avengers initiative,” fans of superhero movies have gotten used to the “surprise” tradition of a post-credits scene. And even though the DC comics movies have nothing to do with the continuity of the Marvel movies (duh?) they’ve inherited the post-credits tradition nonetheless.

So, that leads to a big non-spoiler question: Does Wonder Woman 1984 have a post-credits scene? In the past, we’d tell you whether or not you could bolt for the bathroom with the kids, but this time around, we’re basically telling you whether or not you’re going to hit the off. button on the TV once the credits start rolling. Without spoiling anything in WW84, here’s the deal.

WW84 does indeed have a post-credits scene. It happens pretty quickly into the credits, so it’s easy not to miss. And, although it’s not an earth-shattering scene, if you’re of a certain age, the post-credits scene will certainly make you smile. It also solves a small mystery from earlier in the movie. It includes a detail that may matter for future DC movies but is mostly just a very cool scene. After the movie comes out, we’ll put more details about what this scene might mean, but for now, yes! When you finish watching Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, be sure to watch all the way through the credits! You’re going to love it! And you know what, your kids’ grandparents might love it too?

WW84 is streaming on HBO Max on Christmas Day at 12:00 PM EST.

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