She doesn't hate ALL dogs.


Watch This Adorable Dog Story About Cruella's Very Good Boy, Buddy

by Ryan Britt
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The story Cruella de Vil, is, in theory, the story of a woman who is very much not a dog person. And yet, in the new Emma Stone-led live-action film Cruella, there is one adorable non-Dalmatian that even young Cruella can’t help but adore. In an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Cruella, the makers of the film explain the real-life backstory of Buddy, played by a dog named Bobby. Watch the video above! Have your heart warmed!

If you’ve slept on Cruella, or you don’t have Disney+, there’s good news. You can catch the movie on a wide range of digital retailers outside of Disney+, including Amazon Prime , and GooglePlay.

With a great soundtrack and a fantastic performance from Emma Stone, Cruella is a great film to watch with your angsty tweens or, after the little ones have gone to bed. When Fatherly spoke to Stone about the launch of the movie, she said that although Cruella isn’t supposed to be a role model, that the movie nonetheless has a powerful message for young girls. “I think it really is a movie about how your weaknesses do sort of becoming your strengths, in a way.”

We couldn’t agree more. Check out more on Cruella here.

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