Don't mess with the Atreides family!


Watch the New 'Dune' Trailer Bring That Big Dad Energy

by Ryan Britt

A family that moves to a desert planet together, stays together! The highly anticipated second trailer for the new Dune movie has arrived, and it’s coming in hot with Oscar Isaac’s big dad energy as Duke Leto. Although the trailer is chock-full of a bunch of cool stuff, and riveting imagery, there’s one inescapable theme throughout. Move over Vin Diesel, the real epic about family isn’t the Fast saga, it’s all about Dune.

Briefly, the story of Dune is all about a royal space family (House Atreides) moving to the planet Arrakis to settle a kind of trade dispute (really!) about a magical substance called the Spice. Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac) is the dad, Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) is the mom, and their son is Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), destined to become the leader of a revolution. In the trailer, papa Leto says that Paul is “called” to his fate, but “even if your answer is no, you’ll still be the only thing I ever needed you to be. My son.” CHILLS! Dune is going to be a sci-fi epic for the ages and Paul’s parents are validating his life decisions, sandworms, and explosions be damned. Watch out for Paul’s mom, too, because Lady Jessica will protect Paul “with my life.”

These parents aren’t screwing around. This is going to be awesome.

To be clear, the new Dune movie may not be something you watch with your very small kids. As star Jason Moama has previously mentioned, it’s a pretty “adult movie.” And, the new explosive second trailer for Dune proves this isn’t going to be anything like a sunny Marvel movie, and will probably even make the supposedly hardcore Snyder Cut look childish. Dune is a big, dark, epic Game of Thrones-esque sci-fi movie for grown-ups. But, if this trailer delivers, Dune won’t just be escapist schlock. If it stays true to the books, it may give parents a kind of powerful fantasy about the lengths that cool people will go to make sure their kids are awesome. Paul is the hero of Dune, but Leto and Jessica are what makes this story flow.

Dune hits theaters and HBO Max on October 22, 2021.