Wanda’s New Scarlet Witch Costume Could Explain Quicksilver’s Crossover

Trick or Treat or X-Men?

Credit: Disney+/Marvel

Wanda and Vision have just gone as themselves for Halloween. But are these Silver Age comic book costumes more than just fun references for fans? Could Wanda’s retro look actually mean something much deeper? Let’s talk about Wanda’s awesome costume, and what it might mean for the remaining few episodes of WandaVision on Disney+. Spoilers for Episode 6 ahead!

In WandaVision Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktakular!” a moment that has been teased-out since the first trailers has finally arrived: Wanda is rocking her old-school Scarlet Witch costume from Silver Age of the Marvel comic book universe. This, doubtlessly, will make a lot of comic book fans happy, but in the context of the story of WandaVision what does it mean?

The easy answer is: Nothing. This is just a Marvel Eater egg and a nod to WandaVision having fun with old-school comic book stuff. Recently, Elizabeth Olsen seemed to suggest at one point, that the Scarlet Witch costume almost didn’t happen until she insisted on it.

But what if that’s not entirely true? So far, the cast and crew of WandaVision has been pretty good about hiding major developments, including the return of Wanda’s brother Pietro for the other Marvel movies, the X-Men. And, because Quicksilver/Pietro has his first full regular appearance in this episode of WandaVision, you really have to wonder — is the costume a signal that more X-Men are coming?

We still don’t really know how Wanda got the power to create the huge reality-altering “Westview” disturbance. In two episodes now, even she admits she’s not sure how this started. She also seems to have no control over Pietro or her “children.” Toward the end of this episode, Pietro says he came to Westview because he heard Wanda “calling.”

If Wanda has broken down some dimensional barriers (on accident?) then it stands to reason that she somehow plucked a bunch of information from various alternate realities. Pietro is from the X-Men “universe,” but maybe, so is her knowledge of her Scarlet Witch costume.

In episode 5, during a big SWORD meeting, Jimmy Woo makes it very clear that Wanda does not have a cool superhero name in “our” universe. Meaning, in the MCU, she isn’t called “Scarlet Witch,” which further means, she shouldn’t know about her costume. But, she clearly does know. And know that she is dressed as Scarlet Witch, and her mutant brother is back from the dead, you really have to wonder if her mutant father…Magneto isn’t far behind.

If WandaVision does result in a family reunion between Wanda and her comic book-era father, Magneto, the next question is, are we going to be looking at Michael Fassbender? Ian McKellen? Or someone new?

WandaVision has three episodes left. Here’s when every episode will hit Disney+.