Which Pokémon would people be eating for breakfast? Turns out there's an answer.


Hilarious Video Explores Which Pokémon Get Eaten the Most - Fatherly

by Blake Harper

Did Ash Ketchum enjoy some medium-rare Pikachu to go along with eggs and toast as a part of his balanced breakfast? Most definitely, at least according to a hilarious viral video that hypothesizes that people in the Pokémon world must be eating their adorable pets for sustenance. And honestly? They make a pretty compelling case.

The popular YouTube channel Food Theorists addressed the question of whether or not people in the Pokéworld eat the likes of Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur and said that there is pretty much definitive proof that people do, in fact, chow down on Pokémon. Farfetch’d was so delicious that the species nearly went instinct due to hunters wanting their version of foie gras, along with Slowpoke’s tail apparently being considered a delicacy. And this isn’t just baseless specualtion from fans, this is real Pokémon lore.

But what Food Theorist host MatPat really wants to know is not just whether or not Pokémon get eaten some of the time, it’s whether or not they are considered a regular part of the average person’s diet. And which Pokémon specifically are getting eaten the most? He did some serious investigating to answer this question, trying to figure out the economics of farming in this world based on efficiency and growth rate.

For dairy, MatPat rejected the obvious choice in Miltank, noting it’s slow rate of growth in comparison to Skiddo and GoGoat. He claimed the go-to poultry of choice would be HootHoot, as it grows fast and is also fat in comparison to other small bird-types. And finally, for red meat, he argued that MudBray, a donkey-like creature, would be the best option as it surprisingly heavy and grows fast enough to mass produce.

So if you ever find yourself in the Pokémon world, you’ll likely enjoy a glass of Skiddo milk to go along with a healthy serving of HootHoot or MudBray. And maybe a Jigglypuff for dessert.