Viral Reddit Post Proves Jerry’s Hallway On ‘Seinfeld’ Can’t Exist IRL

What's the deal with that?

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We all know that Kramer lives across the hall from Jerry, but what if Jerry’s hallway exists in the bizarro universe? That’s right, a close look at the architecture of Jerry’s apartment in Seinfeld has revealed a conspiracy even Newman couldn’t be responsible for. Put quite simply, it seems like Jerry’s hallway, as depicted on the show, simply can’t exist. Based on any reasonable rules of physics or New York City building codes, it looks like Jerry is living in an apartment building that must exist on some kind of interdimensional rift.

Over on Reddit, a user called PixelMagic posted an image that demonstrates the problem. And it’s all about the location of Jerry’s very elaborate kitchen. As a former New Yorker, this makes a lot of sense to me. I only ever had a kitchen island as big as Jerry’s in one New York apartment, and notably, that part of the kitchen lined the window of the outside of the building, not the indoor hallway that separated the units.

Look, it’s possible that Jerry’s hallway is curvy or has several very short right angles, but in the show, we’re led to believe that the hallway is a normal, straight hallway. It’s a common feature to several apartments, in and out of NYC. But clearly, we’ve all missed the obvious. Like the TARDIS from Doctor Who or some holographic realm out of Star Trek or The Matrix, Jerry appears to live inside of a home that defies the rules of space and time.

Considering Jerry’s obsession with Superman, this seems appropriate. Only Kryptonian tech could explain that phantom hallway, which means, maybe, just maybe, when people walk down it, they’re actually in the Phantom Zone, right?

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