Watch Toy Cars Fly Through a Tornado of Fire In Slow-Motion

It's like something straight out of Michael Bay's childhood dreams.

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Have you ever dreamed of watching toy cars drive through a flaming tornado in slow motion? Even if you answered no (liar), you are going to want to watch this new video from YouTuber BeyondSlowMotion. It’s like a Michael Bay scene brought to life in miniature form.

The folks at BeyondSlowMotion created their own fire tornado by placing an empty metal trashcan right in the middle of a circle of fans blasting air. They then poured some gasoline into the trashcan and tossed a lit match into it to create the fire. Thanks to the perfectly placed fans, what would normally be a trashcan fire began swirling and eventually turned into a flaming vortex. And you know what looks really cool launched over a flaming vortex? Toy vehicles.

Take a look:

Even though it’s just a toy, watching that ATV rider soar up and through the blazing tornado in slow motion looks like a scene out of the Fast and the Furious Franchise.

Now, despite how cool this stunt looks, you definitely probably shouldn’t try this one at home. Conjuring such a flame is precarious to say the least; the BeyondSlowMotion team is filled with professionals who know how to keep unnecessary accidents from happening. But, if you want to slow-mo some toys being flung over into a smaller fire? It’ll still look pretty cool. Just tell the kids that they might be melted.

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