Internet Has a Field Day with Spinning Go-Kart Kid

And he has been memed to the extreme

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spinning go kart kid

If there’s one thing all kids can agree on, it’s that getting dizzy is pretty cool. What child hasn’t been caught twirling mindlessly in a backyard or on a swingset? And one intrepid go-karter has caught the Internet by storm by figuring out how to turn his go-kart into a goddamned fidget spinner. It’s a sight to behold.

The video-in-question captures the end of a go-kart race with three kids. Two of the drivers slowly cross the finish line only to be followed by a kid who peels into the scene spinning like a madman and leaning back like a boss. The video quickly started circulating around Reddit, and it wasn’t long before this kid’s Dom Torretto-esque driving skills were all over the Internet. The next logical step, of course, was memification, and people did not disappoint.

While the original video is pretty hilarious on its own, the spinning kid soon began to get every remix imaginable. The ‘Shooting Star’ remix, which features the kid spinning with cats in space, teacups at Disneyland, and figure skaters, has received more than 300,000 views on YouTube and millions of views on Imgur in just a few days.

The spinning fantastic finish was also given the Interstellar treatment, complete with an overzealous Hans Zimmer soundtrack and the kid spinning his way into space and some unresolved plot holes.

There’s even a video of the go-kart spinning on a bone a dog is chewing on. Because if the Internet is involved, there are going to be dogs.

It’s safe to say that spinning kid has now entered the ranks of other infamous memes and will live on in internet corners for some time. In addition to infamy, the video will lead to a new course of training for go-kart track monitors. Because there will undoubtedly be a lot of spinning kids coming down the track. This kid may have pulled off an epic spinning finish, but chances are pretty high that others attempting the same thing will end up tipping their kart over or flying into the wall. So be careful.

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