Watch These Psyched-Up Guys Feel The Joy Of Flying An RC Plane

Nobody is more surprised than them.

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rc cardboard plane

There’s that old saying, “Expect nothing and never be disappointed.” And it’s safe to assume that the guys in this video were paying mind to the adage on the inaugural flight of the RC airplane they built. Because it’s very clear they harbored zero expectations for their cardboard creation; in fact, it appears as though they assumed it would crash land and end up in a crumpled heap. That’s why it’s such a joy to hear their genuinely gleefully shrieks once the plane masterfully soars through the sky. It’s hard not to join them in cheering like maniacs as they nail each barrel roll and finally land the plane without getting so much as a scratch on it.

Cardboard RC planes are a popular choice for DIY projects, as it’s a surprisingly simple process that yields pretty awesome results. They need the same four primary controls used to fly an airplane: throttle, elevator, ailerons and rudder. For their victorious flight, the Irishmen used a UAV Brushless Motor A1510 2200Kv, a DEVO 7 – RX 701 transmitter and receiver, a 7.4-volt battery, a propeller, and, of course, a whole lot of cardboard.

If you’ve ever tried to build one of these things (or any model kit, really) then you know the process is always a gamble — there are just so many minor glitches could easily ground them. That’s why the duo’s genuinely shocked at their success, and why their glee is so contagious. It’s a feeling to which anyone who’s labored a project can surely relate. And it goes to show you that, despite initial misgivings, father-son projects really can take flight.

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