Save Your Money! Make a DIY Forky From ‘Toy Story 4’ With These 4 Steps

The newest toy in the 'Toy Story' canon is a spork with googly eyes and pipe-cleaner limbs. You owe it to your family to make this one at home.

Families give a lot of their money to Disney, but sometimes you’ve got to draw the line. And that line should be drawn at buying Forky. If you’re not familiar with Forky yet, here’s the deal. In Toy Story 4 (out in theaters this weekend) there’s a new toy called Forky (voiced by Tony Hale) and he’s like a Frankenstein’s monster toy come to life. He’s a DIY toy made out of a plastic spork with some googly eyes stuck on him. In other words, he’s the kind of toy your kids can make in real life without buying a prefab toy from the store. And yet, there are pre-made officially licensed Forky toys already available for purchase that defy the purpose and beauty of Forky in the first place. There is one that is preassembled for $14.99 and another Make-Your-Own Forky kit for $11.50

Resist. Do not buy a pre-made faux-Forky or a “kit” where the machine tells you how to make Forky. The only way your kid should play with Forky is if you all make your own Forkies. That is the point of Forky. That is the message. Here’s how walk-the-Forky-walk after you see the new movie and make your own Forky in four steps.

Step 1: Obtain a Spork

Taco Bell often has sporks, but if you can’t go to that fine establishment, then, by all means, buy a pack of sporks at the grocery store. Really having a hard time finding a spork? Okay, here’s a box of them on Amazon. There are literally 50 sporks in this back and it costs $8.49. If your kid doesn’t make Forky the “right” way the first time, you’ve got 49 more tries. Assuming you were on the fence of buying pre-made Forky, consider that by buying this one package of Sporks, you’ve basically bought 50 Forkies for half the cost of one “official” Forky.

Step 2: Obtain Googly Eyes

If you don’t already have googly eyes in the house; let’s focus up. Googly eyes make everything better and kids love them. If you’re worried about the choking-hazard aspect of this, just get the big ones. Here are 100 googly eyes for $4.99 to go with your army of 50 Forkies you’re about to create.

Step 3: Pipe Cleaner Limbs

This shouldn’t be too hard. But if you don’t have an arts-and-crafts store near you, consider substituting twisty ties from produce bags at the grocery store, and using those to make Forky’s arms. Will the arms be the same color as the ones in Toy Story 4? Maybe, maybe not, but last time we checked twisty-ties at the grocery store were free.

Step 4: Draw a Mouth With a Marker

Do you have markers in the house? Is your kid human? We’re gonna gamble and say you have a marker.

There! You’re all set! You’ve just figured out how to make 50 Forkies from Toy Story for half the price of one official one manufactured by Disney.

Now, use that money you saved to buy a large popcorn and a bottle of wine for you and your spouse.

Toy Story 4 is out everywhere in movie theaters this weekend