Tough crowd!


The Rock Drops Perfect Dad Jokes In This Hilarious 'Jungle Cruise' Clip

by Harlan Sharpe

Do you find pun-based jokes to be the best kind of jokes? If you’re not a parent, the chance is you’re on the fence about this kind of humor. But, if you are a dad, the chances are even higher that you freaking love humor based on puns. And, in the new Disney film Jungle Cruise, what the Rock is cooking is some absolutely perfect groan-worthy dad jokes.

Fatherly is pumped to debut this exclusive clip in which Dwayne Johnson’s character in Jungle Cruise — Frank Wolff — tries to entire the passengers of his titular jungle cruise with a few well-placed puns. Do the words “Tucan” and the phrase “two can play” seem like a great set-up for a dad joke? It does to us! Strangely, the jokes don’t seem to land with the folks on this boat, proving that dad-pun humor is only for a very select audience.

Jungle Cruise came out last week. It’s in theaters and streaming Disney+ with premiere access. Of all the new live-action family movies in 2021, it’s the one guaranteed to make you laugh the most.

Watch Jungle Cruise with Disney+ premiere access right here.