The Best ‘Frozen 2’ Theories That Might Actually Happen

Ready for time travel? What about a cliffhanger?

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In November of 2019, families take another ice bath with Elsa and Anna as Frozen 2 intevitably takes theaters by snowstorm. Promising four new songs, Frozen 2 will be a cultural event whether parents, still smarting from the uber-viral repetition of “Let It Go,” might will it otherwise. Will it be good? The first Frozen was solid, but Disney sequels have been largely lackluster outside the Toy Story Universe 2 (though the weirdly good direct-to-video Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time fuses 12 Monkeys and acid rock in winning ways). If past is precedent, parents should expect more of the same. Still, there’s no throwing cold water on the fans, who are coming out with some pretty wild theories about how Frozen 2 could build a one-off smash into a cinematic world.

It should come as no surprise that the internet is full of crazy fan theories about Frozen 2. It should further come as no surprise that most of these theories are absolute gibberish and do not warrant consideration. That said, some of them are genuinely interesting or so deeply bizarre they warrant some thought — if only about how deeply screwed up the viewing public, perverted by the icy echo chambers of Reddit and Twitter, has become.

(Possible spoilers ahead for Frozen 2. Especially the speculation about the time travel.)

6. Elsa’s Father is Rapunzel’s Uncle

Just like Dark Helmet was tangentially related to Lone Star in Spaceballs, it’s possible the Elsa and Anna are actually related. This theory, pulled from the unreliable but reliably interesting folks at supersixtheories, is shakily built on the observation that Elsa’s dad has the same eye color and general face shape as Rapunzel’s mom in the Disney movie Tangled. It’s a thin theory, but worthy of inclusion here because it would make sense for Disney to use Frozen‘s popularity to tie together disparate pieces of intellectual property. This is what they do in the post-Star Wars and Marvel era.

5. Frozen 2 is Actually Secretly a Movie Called “Spring

What if each Frozen movie is actually about a different magic princess, each who can control one aspect of each of the four seasons? Some fans think the new “mystery” girl in the trailer for Frozen 2 is, in fact, a new princess who has superpowers. This would make Frozen a kind of “Quadrilogy” a term that previously applied to the Alien movies, back before that franchise went totally off the rails. Is there a lot to back up this theory? Not really. It’s less of a strong hypothesis than it is a strong idea. The biggest thing going for this one: It would be a merchandising coup.

4. Elsa Will Be Forced to Use Her Powers to Create Fantasy-Era Cryonics

One compelling fan theory suggests that at some point in the film, Elsa will use her freezing powers to put Anna into suspended animation. This will be because Anna has an illness that the ‘ye old medicine of the Frozen-era can’t seem to do anything about. This makes sense on a plot level, but seems a bit implausible that Disney would base an animated blockbuster on the death and freezing of Ted Williams (look it up). This one is almost certainly not true, but indicative of the craziness that happens when princesses start having serious superpowers. This thing could go full X-Men: Days of Future Past — and no one wants that.

3. Frozen 2 Will Have Disney’s First Lesbian Princess

This one mostly comes from Twitter and Pinterest, but it’s not that crazy. A lot of viewers believe it’s time for Disney to depict non-straight, non-binary characters in their movies. Putting aside the fact that several Disney characters are obviously not straight (pretty much everyone in Beauty and the Beast) there is some validity to this idea. If Disney was going to be brave enough to do this, now would be the time.

2. Frozen 2 is Just “Let It Go” Sung Again and Again

It seems reasonable that there will be even more “Let It Go” in Frozen 2 than there was in the first film. In fact, one big theory suggests nearly every major character will sing a new mix of the song, with the one that brings down the house being Olaf’s version. What is Olaf is “letting go” of? Maybe his tree-stick limbs. Maybe his dignity. Maybe life itself as a thaw comes. Could get dark.

1. Frozen 2 Will End on a Cliffhanger

Weirdly, Disney has never had a successful trilogy, outside of properties it has purchased. (Cough, cough Star Wars) So, the point is, why is everyone theorizing about Frozen 2 when we should all be theorizing bout Frozen 3? The best theory of all is that Frozen 2 isn’t even the main event. It’s all about setting up an epic and insane Frozen 3.

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