The 5 Best Fights From the Gallagher Brothers in Oasis

The best specific fights from the brothers from that '90s band you used to like.

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How we react to families fighting in public usually fall into two groups: horrifying or hilarious. And when those family members are famous people, it’s usually hilarious. Since 1994, the constantly swearing, constantly drinking brother from English rock band Oasis have taken sibling rivalry and turned into nothing short of performance art. These days, both Noel and Liam Gallagher are chilled out dads with moderately successful solo projects, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t talk smack about each other in nearly every interview they’ve ever given, contemporary or not. If you’re talking about famous families who have brought their dirty laundry into the public eye, it doesn’t get any more absurd than Noel Gallagher, songwriter, and guitarist for Oasis, and his younger brother Liam Gallagher, the lead singer.

Since the Gallaghers haven’t been in a band together in nearly ten years (Oasis finally spilt-up in 2009) here’s a round-up of their five most entertaining brotherly fights throughout the years. If you miss those times when rock bands were this interesting (even if their music was a tad derivative) these dust-ups will make you nostalgic for the Nineties.

(Warning: there is a lot of swearing and brutal insults in the following clips. Also, some very loud Britpop music from the Nineties. You’ve been warned.)

5. That Time Noel Walked Out of a Tour Because His Brother Refused To Tell Him Where He Bought a Pair of Shoes

When Noel asked Liam during one tour where his younger brother bought a pair of shoes, the conversation somehow escalated into a situation in which the elder Gallagher ended up with a black eye and refused to tour with the band for a period of time. In this interview, Noel recounts the argument and even concedes it made no sense and that everything about his relationship with his brother is absurd.

4. Noel Says Liam Doesn’t Ever Sing the Second Verse of a Huge Song Live in Concert. Liam Denies Existence of Verse

Right before Oasis released their greatest hits album Stop the Clocks in 2006, they released a series of interviews in which Liam and Noel discussed each song. In perhaps the greatest segment, Liam says he has no memory of the second verse in the song “Acquiesce,” which is totally on the recorded version, but he’s never sung it live. Liam insists he’s “never heard” the verse, even though he clearly has.

3. Liam Shows Up Drunk To Heckle Noel During “Wonderwall” in 1995

When Liam called in sick (read: drunk) to a live unplugged performance in 1995, Noel suddenly had to take over singing all the songs, including “Wonderwall.” During the grand finale of the show, Liam is visible in a box seat, smoking and heckling his brother. Of all the surreal things that have happened in rock bands, the idea of someone showing up to heckle the band they are still technically a part of is amazing. What’s even more interesting, this is, for all intents and purposes, at the beginning of Oasis’s career, not the end.

2. Noel’s Press Conference To Explain Why He Quit Oasis For Good

In 2011, Noel Gallagher was getting ready to show the world his new solo project, but before that happened he had to speak publicly for the first time in three years about why exactly he quit Oasis, forever. Naturally, though a one-sided fight, this account of fruit being thrown was unexpectedly pretty hilarious.

1. “Wibbling Rivalry”

The classic, and original audio-only radio interview in which Liam and Noel mostly fight about the fact that Liam had recently been thrown off of a boat for acting drunken and disorderly. Basically, this fight encapsulates the relationship between the Gallagher brothers, and yes, they bring up their mother, Peggy.

Noel Gallagher is currently touring in support of his solo album; Who Built the Moon?

Liam Gallagher is currently touring in support of his solo album; As You Were.

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