Teletubbies Reunite for the Reunion Album Nobody Asked For

Was the world really clamoring for the musical stylings of Tinky Winky?

BBC Worldwide

The Wiggles better watch their backs because the original multi-colored kid’s band quartet is staging a major comeback. That’s right, the Teletubbies are officially getting back into the music game with a full-length reunion album titled Ready, Steady, GO!.

The album will be released on October 15 and will include 10 digital-first music videos. But you don’t have to wait that long to check out the gang’s newest material, as the first two music videos will be available on the official Teletubbies’ YouTube channel on September 25.

This reunion should come as a massive relief to their fanbase, as the Teletubbies are known as the Fleetwood Mac of kid’s music (rumor has it that Tinky Winky and Boobadie Woobadie have not gotten along since their tumultuous breakup). But that does beg the question: who exactly is this album for?

The Teletubbies were once massive superstars in the world of children’s entertainment, with their original television run earned them a massive fanbase and they even topped the UK Singles Chart in 1997 with a single based on the show’s theme song. But nothing gold can stay and while the show was rebooted in 2014, these days, the Teletubbies’ cultural impact is primarily occasional meme fodder and countless adults tearfully discussing how that baby in the sun traumatized them with their therapist.

To be fair, the average viewer of the original series falls firmly into the early 30s millennial age range, meaning they could be having kids of their own right about now. Given our generation’s obsession with nostalgia (even for things that are bad or never actually existed), perhaps a whole new generation will be introduced to the musical stylings of the felt extraterrestrial foursome (I never figured out what they were supposed to be). Otherwise, they could join the likes of Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane as bands who would have been better off staying broken up.