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‘Superman and Lois’ Looks Like the Family Superhero Show We Need Right Now

In the new show, Clark and Lois are just trying to raise their kids back in Smallville...

In the first trailer for the new CW show Superman and Lois, the Man of Steel himself asks, “I am a bad father?”

Yep, this new superhero series seems squarely aimed at parents who had lives that didn’t quite turn out how they expected. After losing their jobs as reporters in Metropolis, the new show follows Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they attempt to raise their children — teenagers now — while living in Clark’s old hometown of Smallville. Of course, Clark isn’t exactly from Smallville, and it looks like his past as the nicest person from the planet Kyrpton is going to come back to haunt his family in a big way. As Supe says in the trailer, “I really wish I could get drunk sometimes.”

Starring Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Superman and Lois is technically a spinoff from the large collection of “Arrowverse” DC comic book shows that air on the CW. That said, because this version of Superman and Lois have, to date, only appeared in other CW shows (I.E. The Flash and Supergirl) this new series will, by definition, stand on its own.

For any parents who have moved their families away from one kind of life, in the hope of building another, Superman and Lois feels like it’s saying, “yeah, we see you!” It’s unclear how much of the show will be about Supe putting on the cape, and much of it will be about him trying to be a good dad, but this mix of realism and old-school heroism looks refreshing as hell. We love the angsty suburban ruminations of WandaVision, but with Superman and Lois, at least we know that Lois and Supe really are parents, and that’s it’s not all in their head.

Will the show live-up to the slightly ambitious premise of Dad Superman? Will it be like a live-action Incredibles, but you know, starring the most famous superhero of all time? We can only hope.

Superman and Lois hits the CW on February 23, 2021, and will be streaming on the CW app the next day.