Hell Yes. ‘Paddington 3’ Is Coming

Bust out the marmalade.


Good news is hard to come by these days but we can all take a minute to stop doom-scrolling and celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite marmalade-loving bear. That’s right, folks: Paddington is coming back!

Studiocanal, the production company behind the first two Paddington movies, confirmed to Variety that a third film in the universally-beloved franchise is definitely happening.

“We can confirm Studiocanal is working very hard on film 3 with the utmost craft and care — as with film 1 and 2,” representatives from the studio announced.

This news is just the bit of boundless optimism we could all use right about now, as the idea of getting to see Paddington politely navigate his way through whatever new shenanigans are thrown his way is enough to make you want to perform a random act of kindness or call up a friend and tell them how much you love them.

Currently, there is virtually no information regarding the actual details of the upcoming sequel, which seems to be in the very early stages of the creative process. It is believed that Paul King, who directed and co-wrote the first two films, will not be directing the third Paddington film, as he is set to direct the Wonka prequel. But King has indicated that he plans to be involved with the making of the film in some capacity.

But even without any firm plot details or casting news, it’s difficult to be anything less than exuberant about the prospect of another Paddington film. After all, the first two movies sparked an unexpected cultural phenomenon, as millions of people rallied behind an adorable Peruvian bear who rejects cynicism and cruelty in favor of compassion and courage. The two films combined to earn more than $500 million worldwide and in a just world, they would have won a couple of Oscars as well.