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Stick Around for the ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Post-Credits Scene

You're going to want to see this.

There’s no way Sony would bring six universes worth of Spider-People (and -Pigs) together for just one, epic animated movie. Like the vast majority of superhero movies, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse does have a post-credits scene that moviegoers should definitely stick around for. Into the Spider-Verse isn’t all about Peter Parker this time. Instead, it follows young Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) on his journey to become his universe’s Spider-Man while adjusting to a new school and grappling with the fact that he’s becoming a vigilante. His dad is a cop who hates vigilantes. He has to discover his powers and learn how to be a hero while the Multiverse, including at least six universes, is collapsing on itself. No pressure.

So, does the movie have one of these famous post-credits scenes or what? Here’s the deal.

No spoilers ahead.

The movie has been receiving rave reviews and nearly had a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes before someone who didn’t like Spider-Man ruined it. This risky Sony adventure looks like it paid off with the critics, at least. The five Spider-People fight off some of the most famous Spider-Man villains, including Kingpin, Green Goblin, the Prowler, and Doc Ock.

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Into the Spider-Verse wraps up its story pretty nicely, but it’s left plenty of room for a sequel. There’s a scene at the end of the film that implies that fans will see these characters again.

And the post-credits scene just confirms this idea. Fans familiar with the original Spider-Man comics and cartoons will love the homage that this short scene pays to Spider-Man while incorporating yet another Spider-Person. This new Spider-Person is voiced by a big-name actor, so they probably didn’t just get this actor for a brief scene.