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‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Trailer Is Everything You Want and More

Welcome to the multi-verse!

We were already excited to watch Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker meet, but in the new trailer for Into the Spider-Verse, Sony revealed a much more ambitious game plan. They’re putting all of Marvel’s iterations of the web-slinger into one movie. Miles is also going to be sharing the big-screen with Peni Parker, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir. Into the Spider-Verse even varies the animation styles for Peni, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir slightly in homage to their creators. This might be the cleverest comic book movie to come out of a big studio yet.

The trailer revealed that Miles and the other Spider-People (and Ham) have to get back to their universes before they all collapse. In addition to all of that, Miles will be facing off with some classic Spider-Man villains: Green Goblin, Scorpion and Kingpin. This seems to all be happening so fast that it doesn’t give Peter Parker a whole lot of time to teach Miles how to be Spider-Man. But in the trailer, Parker still gets enough time to brag about huge his brand is in his universe. Don’t be mistaken though, this Miles’s origin story. It’s just a little bit more intense than the typical Marvel fair that everyone is used to.

If you think some of those voices in the trailer sound familiar, you’re right. The cast is stacked. John Mulaney is Spider-Ham, Nicolas Cage is Spider-Man Noir, Hailee Steinfeld is Gwen Stacy, Jake Johnson is Peter Park, Kimiko Glenn is Peni Parker and Shameik Moore rounds out the cast as Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hits theaters December 14th.