Steve from ‘Blues Clues’ is Finally on TikTok and He’s Mesmerizing Fans

Like a true Gen-Xer, Steve admitted he had no clue how to use TikTok, but fans are happy to see him on the platform anyway.

Back in September, Steve from Blue’s Clues managed to become the talk of the internet when he unexpectedly appeared in an official Nickelodeon video explaining his decision to leave the beloved kid’s show that dominated many Millennials’ childhoods. In the now-ultra-viral video, Steve also offered kind and encouraging words for anyone who might be having a tough go of it — which, at the time, given the state of the world, was pretty much everyone.

Needless to say, Steve’s return was well received, as many grown adults felt comforted and like he was telling them exactly what they needed to hear, just like he used to do when they were kids. In typical Steve fashion, the situation has been quiet ever since his encouraging message, but now, Steve is back.

Steve has returned to the internet world and joined TikTok but, like a true Gen-Xer, he admitted to having no damn clue how the app actually works.

“Hi out there. It’s me… Steve. I don’t know how to use TikTok at all,” He explained in the video. “I kind of don’t even know what it is, if you could just tell me in the comments or something. Thank you.”

It’s the exact response most of us above a certain age have likely felt when we try TikTok or any other new app that is dominated by Gen Z. But Steve’s adoring fans came to the rescue, as they turned the tables by offering him some affirmation about how well he is doing as a brand new TikToker.

“Just pretend you’re filming Blue’s Clues but grown-ups (you seem to have figured it out),” one user commented. And if all he did was talk to us about how we’re doing okay, that would totally be fine.

And of course, the brands came to join in on the fun, with Sonic the Hedgehog asking if Steve needed a new Blue and Taco Bell recommending that Steve hops in his thinking chair to figure it out. Nickelodeon even got involved, welcoming everyone to “stevetok.”

Steve might be intimidated by this strange new world but it’s clear he remains a favorite online, as the video has been viewed nearly five million times in just a day. Given the video’s success, maybe it will start a trend of ’90s kid’s TV show stars transitioning into the digital age. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Loonette from Big Comfy Couch get her own Twitch stream?