The children's 'Star Wars' YouTube series delivers an emotional tribute to the galaxy's best mom.


'Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures' Animates Leia's Entire Story 1-Minute

by Ryan Britt

Arguably, the most popular character in all of Star Wars is Princess Leia — or, as we should think of her lately, General Leia Organa. With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finally available on home video, families who love the Force might be looking for supplemental — and family-friendly — Star Wars action. Geared specifically for kids (and parents worried about to much screen time) the YouTube series, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures, distills huge Star Wars stories into bite-size, and beautifully animated videos. And now, there’s a brand-new segment all about Leia, covering a huge part of her life story, in just one minute.

One of the best things about Galaxy of Adventures is that it uses the actual audio from tracks from the live-action Star Wars movies, but buts a different spin on the context. Yes, back when this was launched, myself and several dads were worried that this would change Star Wars, but the results are totally delightful.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures has just released a ton of new episodes on their YouTube channel. Fatherly is thrilled to offer an exclusive first look at “Leia – A Princess, a General, a Mentor.” Watch it above!

And check out the rest of Galaxy of Adventures on the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel right here.