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How to Watch the ‘South Park Vaccination Special’

You don't want to miss this.


For over 20 years, America’s sharpest social commentary has come from four little foul-mouthed cartoon fourth-graders living in a small town in Colorado. South Park has taken on everything from Scientology to the Trump administration to Disney’s inevitable takeover of all entertainment. And now, we finally got to see what co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have to say about the madness of 2021 with the “South Parq Vaccination Special.”

The hour-long special aired on Comedy Central and MTV2 on Wednesday night but just cause you missed watching it live, doesn’t mean you can’t see the episode. Here is how you can stream the latest South Park special right now.

Where to Watch “South Parq Vaccination Special”

The simplest place to see the special is on the Comedy Central app or website, where you can watch it with a few ad breaks. If commercials are a dealbreaker for you, you can also watch the episode ad-free on HBO Max and YouTube TV. If none of those are options, you can purchase the episode on iTunes or Amazon Prime Video.

What Is the Episode About?

With the vaccine officially hear, the adults of South Park are desperate to get their hands on it by any means possible. Meanwhile, after most students have been withdrawn from school due to concerns about the pandemic, QAnon members become tutors in the hopes of indoctrinating the kids with their conspiracy theories.

Who Is Being Mocked?

When it comes to South Park, the plot of the episodes are less important than who Parker and Stone decide is their latest target. The main victim here is QAnon, as the show has a blast getting to make fun of the group’s absolutely absurd beliefs. But Q members certainly aren’t alone, as people who jumped the line to get vaccinated before those who really need it also face the show’s scorn. Plus, there’s even a killer joke making fun of Disney+ and other streaming services adding disclaimers before old movies and shows to warn about culturally insensitive material.

Is South Park Back?

Not quite. The two pandemic specials were both created remotely due to the pandemic and for now, there’s no clear timeline for when South Park might return for season 24. Though the fall seems like the best bet, assuming the vaccine roll-out goes smoothly.