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ICYMI: 'SNL' Hilariously Confirmed We're All Hot For Zillow

by Ryan Britt

What do you do when you’re not doom-scrolling or dealing with your kids? If you’re like literally everyone who has school-aged children, there’s a good chance that all you do is look at Zillow late at night and fantasize about things (or houses) you might not actually want and definitely can’t afford. Even if you’re in a house you’re happy with, getting on Zillow is still fun, right? My wife and I literally did it last night, which is why this Saturday Night Live sketch made me feel seen.

During Dan Levy’s hosting of SNL, a new faux-commercial dropped that posited Zillow as pretty much the same thing as porn, for you know, people who are trying to adult. This is accurate. Even if you’re refinancing your house right now, or doing something similarly unglamorous, the allure of Zillow is universal. Smartly, the sketch ends with the wake-up call of actually having to call a real estate agent. Is that fun!? NOPE. Even Zillow thought it was funny that SNL thought of the real-estate app as so hot right now.

Buying a house is not a fun or easy process. But, unlike those phonies on Fixer Upper, the brilliance of the Zillow SNL sketch is that it’s honest as hell. It’s brutal to see yourself in SNL sketches sometimes, but this time, for all those “late 30s” folks (or EARLY 40s! come on SNL!) we’re not sorry for our Zillow addiction. It’s never going to end.