The part where the grandma flips-off the little kid is everything.


'SNL' Goes Full Ok Boomer With "Boomers Got the Vax" Rap Epic

by Ryan Britt
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The cutdown of 2019 is back. Saturday Night Live has gone full Ok Boomer with an epic rap video that slams vaccine distribution, and hilariously points out that sure, it’s great some older folks are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but isn’t it funny that it’s the Baby Boomer generation?

Obviously, we love our Baby Boomer parents, but we’re aware that Boomers gave future generations of parents all kinds of terrible advice. When Chris Redd (in old man makeup) raps that Boomers “crashed the economy three whole times,” the unrelenting hilarity of this rap is actually just getting started. Is it the fault of the Baby Boomers that the world is the way it is right now? No, of course not. But, at the same time, it kind of feels that way.

“Boomers Got the Vax” also showcases the best of the contemporary SNL cast, because, seemingly everyone is in this sketch, including the most recent host, Maya Rudolph. Was the sketch she did with Martin Short playing Doug Emhoff funny? Ehh… not really? But, Maya was killer in nearly everything else, including “Boomers Got the Vax.” Though big shout-out to Kyle Mooney for totally being that weird bro-granddad, borderline rich drug dealer, that everyone seems to know at least one of.

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